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Thursday, August 9, 2018


The Trump Administration Is A Sinkhole Of Sleaze

You got that right. It's an overfilled toilet bowl of crap
Itt Issss
Amberjack has become quite the expert on roach turds and human excrement floating in toilet bowls! Indeed, he is morbidly obsessed with the topic and interjects his unsolicited observations and comments on the subject matter into every conversation. He used to do the same thing at the dinner table. Despite being admonished on numerous occasions to observe good table manners, he couldn't stop talking about his favorite subject! Therefore, and predictably enough, Amberjack is no longer invited to dinner. Since then, he had to stock up on Ramen noodles and eats every meal by himself in the squalor of his recycled and dilapidated single-wide manufactured in 1971.
KKK you're the lowest form of life Below a virus even. Your meaningless drivel is garbage. Do us all a favor and go jump off of a really high cliff. You're nothing but scum, and putrid sewer waste. Go f yourself ass wipe
LOL! Amberjackoff, you go study your toilet bowl some more. Don't want you to miss out on any new and exciting discoveries that you might find floating in there!
It's a familiar sight, every time I go there I see your face. In fact I named my turds take KK low
Totally repulsive and disgusting, but perhaps but worthy of further psychiatric analysis the cozy one-on-one relationship you maintain with your turds, LOL
It's not like I'm actively seeking them out, I go to work I do other stuff I come home and then when I feel it I start seeing your face nah just kidding.

This country needs to remedy that is divided between the left and the right. Deep down I'm sure you're a nice guy but you're just mislead and full of anger like I am. I'm not really full of anger it's just that I tried to go to the level to make a point but I have a conscience and I realize that if we humans want to Coexist on this planet floating in space, this kind of back-and-forth of hate speech isn't really productive at all, and will lead to worse things that may happen down the line.

So let me end this by saying that we although we disagree with each other, there is no point and solving a problem or issue or debate with insults. Until then, let's just agree to disagree, until someone or something comes up with the way to make both sides happy. 1 the day that happens, if it happens, the universe will love this planet at a much higher frequency rate, which in turn means that the humans integrity, creativity, fulfillment, and overall Oneness with the universe will be achieved.

Remember, when you are everywhere at all times, speed means nothing. But if you have gaps in between you and everything else in space and time, the universe will produce in return, volatile state of being. We the human race, need to contribute our part to the aliens out in space who are monitoring us and make ourselves worthy to them, in order to be accepted into the galactic group.

But I digress. Thank you and have a great night!
The Q is correct, they are dividing us, we are not letting them get away with it.
Jarasan your statement is correct. Last administration was the most divisive in history.
This is by far the most racist administration in recent history. The POTUS is pushing a Nationalist agenda thus is dividing America along racial lines that were prevalent during most of America's history.
Amberjack, I'm not "misled" at all, and I'm certainly not angry! The leftists are the ones that need to sign up for anger management courses. They leftists have been hysterical and running amok for a long time now. To the contrary, I'm very content with the current state of affairs as President Trump continues to make course corrections and get the USA back on an even keel to assure smooth sailing into the future. I just find the wacko things you post amusing, to say the least. You bring it on yourself by disrupting all the threads with that worn out/lame "NAZI LOSER MORON" shtick. That's all.
Speedy, you won't even acknowledge the fact, Obama was the most racists person in this country. He didn't like Whites, he didn't like Blacks. Name something he did for Blacks???
Carbo, go take your pills and eat your green Jell-O. You miserable old fart. Btw, this thread is about Trumpsky. LOL
Trumpsky needs to drain his cesspool administration with himself included.
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