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Wednesday, August 8, 2018


Poll: Americans Rank Barack Obama As The Best President Of Their Lifetimes

Yeah, sure they do, right. LOL
Well, if the survey was asking people 25 years old or younger, then there are only 3 to choose from. Clinton, Bush, and Obama. He isn't even the best of those three.
True, but I guess a lot of those young people aged 25 years or younger may have been indoctrinated or brainwashed by the "PC correct crowd" during the reign of King Obama.
Unfortunately, they don't know what it was like when there wasn't political correctness.
I would rate Obama as the most deceitful/arrogant President ever. That much I can concede. Other than that concession, hands down worst President ever since 1789!
Prima Face:

" The face of the "Beast" always gets known and the time of the "Beast" always passes." 

Totally agree with all the comments on here but Kal, Obama as the most deceitful/arrogant President EVER is so TRUE. Be president my rear.
LOL at all the Trump but sniffing bootlickers. Obama was the best president in my lifetime at least.
By the ECONOMIC NUMBERS, by the MORALS, by the TRUTH, by being FAITHFUL to one woman in one marriage, no SCANDALS, and the list goes on and on and on and on.......

Yes, the BEST PRESIDENT and EVERYONE knows it.
Problem is Obammy is the 1st US President to be married to a man! LOL
Did you really say no scandals, not even a smidgen of a scandal (?) LOLLOLLOL!
Most dishonest, lying corrupt, conniving, devious, immoral, deceitful, traitorous, arrogant President ever.
And everybody knows it!
Obammy tanked the economy. Trump revived the economy and got it humming along better than ever, But Detective Shortbus gives the accolades to Obammy. WTF?
The long-legged Mack Daddy Obammy aka "The Righteous One" had a steamy love affair with cocaine addict Larry Sinclair in the back of a Chicago limousine and at the Comfort Suites Hotel in Gurnee, IL. Check out Pastor James David Manning's YouTube channel for all the salacious details. Pastor Manning is the Pastor at ATLAH Missionary Church in Harlem, New York. Pastor Manning has the low-down on Obammy and his masculine wife Michael!
The trolls are never going to accept the fact that Obama and Hillary betrayed this country.
Sorry, but the math says it all!

45 > 44
Michael was a good hubby, yes, and the leftist trolls are living in the fake universe created by the fake crap that their massas of leftist soros owned media have been feeding them for 30 years.
I agree with you LL. I'm just sitting back and letting the bigot trolls rant. Nothing that they say on LP will have an effect on what the real Americans think. "All Men are Created Equal".
Real Americans didn't elect Donald Trump? Oh, that's right! I remember now. How dumb of me! Those were Russians disguised as Americans that got Trump elected. LOL!
This is not about your FUHRER. Trumpsky did not win the popular vote, Obama did! You're belittling yourselves when you talk about another man's wife. How would you feel if someone talks about yours? eh?
Big deal. Trump won the election. Educate yourself on how elections work in America. I strongly suspect Trump won the the popular vote as well. I didn't belittle Obammy's charming wife. Merely pointed out the fact that he was the first President to be married to a man. Obammy slips up from time to time and refers to his wife by her former name 'Michael', so what's the problem?
I will now end my comments on this thread. To go from commenting on the subject to off-subject buffoonery is a waste of my time. Instead I will use my time commenting on another topic of interest to me. 10-4

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