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Saturday, August 25, 2018


John McCain, War Hero, Senator, Presidential Contender Dies At 81

I salute this man. He was a man of courage, commitment, drive, and integrity. He was a conservative through and through with a heart of gold. Rest in peace WARRIOR.
He has earned any and everything to be done in his honor and more while being a great warrior both on and off the proverbial battlefield. I would expect a gun salute for this man that embraced being a POW WITH HONOR!!!!

Rest in Peace Senator John McCain. Thank You for your service during War and Peace.
May fair winds be at your back always.
No need to speak ill of the dead, but all the radical left wing Democrats (Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Schumer, etc) and two of the worst LP trolls ever heaping praise on McCain after his passing says it all.
McCain will be missed in the Senate,
KKK, this is neither the time or the place for your hate. Some people have a hard time separating their party and feelings. It's a shame your heart remains dark.
Actually, Lil'returd, it's neither the time nor the place for your sanctimonious and hypocritical comments. You and the other trolls couldn't talk enough trash about the very same man 10 years ago in 2008 when McCain was the Republican presidential nominee. But curiously enough, ever since McShame betrayed his own party and began pandering to the Democrats, he became highly praiseworthy among Democrats! Suddenly, McShame could do or say no wrong among Democrats! Why? Because McShame had become a dedicated Trump obstructionist and Democrats knew they had McShame's vote in their back pocket. Simple as that. All because Trump hurt his feelings with some offhand POW comments during a period of back and forth verbal sparring, and McShame unable to separate his feelings from his expected allegiance to the GOP and the voters that previously supported him during his 2008 presidential bid. It's downright sickening to see and hear the Obama-Clinton crime cartel leaders and hacks singing the manifold praises of John McShame all over the MSM. You people are so shallow and predictable with your self-serving words and behavior.
KKK, let me give you some man advice. TEN YEARS AGO. Let that sink in for a while. That is too long to hold a grudge that was purely political. Since then I've gotten to see the other side of McCain. I still did not agree with all of his policies, but he and a couple of other repubs were the only ones standing up and being a man. Another thing, you or no one else can tell me who I can speak well of. Now go lay down and suck your finger in the corner somewhere punk. This is all I have to say to you on this thread. FOB
AS a Vietnam Veteran, I salute another one. Because that's just the way it plucking is.
Stop repeating that lie! You don't respect Vietnam Veterans across the board. I've already previously disproved that lie. You respect them if they agree with your wacky politics, otherwise you talk trash about them. You would be talking trash about McCain now if he hadn't betrayed his party and POTUS. But now he's suddenly a "hero", Lol.
He served our country. There’s nothing really more to say. All this hoopla wasn’t really his style. I will say it’s amazing that he’s 81 and his mother is still alive. Strong genes.
The Democrats interjected all the hoopla. They all despised McCain until he became a turncoat and devoted himself to becoming a Trump obstructionist. Then McCain was suddenly the much admired RINO darling apple of their eyes. They couldn't heap enough praise on him for his "courage" to make the right decisions, LOL! Hypocritical self-righteous den of vermin the whole lot of them. That's all.
It’s a bit strange given the farewell speech that McCain had made to the Senate as well as his opinions on doing things in Washington and coming together, that that’s your outlook and manner of way of speech. Perhaps he had a point. I hope people listen and show the respect that they are obviously thinking about at the moment. But more to the long run I’m sure he would prefer.
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