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Sunday, July 15, 2018


Trump calls European Union enemy of USA

The international records certainly demonstrates the point!
Trump stated his meaning of the word foe as he used it.
See more synonyms on

    a person who feels enmity, hatred, or malice toward another; enemy: a bitter foe.
    a military enemy; hostile army.
    a person belonging to a hostile army or nation.
    an opponent in a game or contest; adversary: a political foe.
    a person who is opposed in feeling, principle, etc., to something: a foe to progress in civil rights.
    a thing that is harmful to or destructive of something: Sloth is the foe of health.

Europe as a whole has embraced socialism and the E.U. has been conditioned to sponge off the USA. Donald Trump has been described as "Pragmatist" which is someone who is practical and focused on reaching a goal.
Listen it’s great that Trump is sending the message that the world can’t rely on the U.S. to fix everyone’s problems. BUT wake up people all this name calling and judging crap is making you look like robotic idiots. Copycats. Need I say more. Uh huh. Ain’t nothing wrong with socialism , it’s the only choice in the end. I’m almost sure now one day Europe will make you realize that when you have nothing left to believe in. Suckers. One only knows what one sees. Yeah right. Robotic idiots. Copycats. Ha. Fools Morons I say
Superstitious freaks. I can’t even believe I’m on this website. Y’all ain’t even worth the time. Yeah I said it. Sorry buckeye, fear nothing.
Take your pragmatist bulls**t and deal with it just like the rest of us. Gimme a break. Wake up!
Wow, another liberal who's lost what little mind he once had. If you don't like other peoples opinion, simple>" Don't read it ", Your 2cents isn't any higher than anyone else's. Or, if America and her stance offends you, why don't you just move to where Your sentiments join with others. See, problem solved.
Adios... Say didn't Bernie sanders send you an invitation??

Or should you just be called a Foe? a person who feels enmity, hatred, or malice toward another; enemy: a bitter foe.
Sure. I’ve fought for the Queen. My name is known. Keep it up with your childish kindergarten playground games. See ya.
I’m not one of those IRA <snip> you meet in a bar. Your 2 cents is worth 1 cent. Keep believing whatever makes you happy fool.
Hoe not foe!!!!!! The EU is a hoe not a foe....Foe yo info hoe!
LOL, that's more like it!
Hahahahaaha, that's what I like to see, talking out both sides of his A...
The Fuhrer has put a spell on his low-informed cult members. He speaks and they obey without questioning. SAD
We need to call CDC, and inform them they haven't eradicated micro intelligence syndrome here at LP. Be careful folks the hoof and mouth disease is contagious amongst the low intelligence.
Soledad, do some research, then return and post where any country that practice Socialism succeeded. There has never been any country that practiced true Socialism, there never will be, in my opinion.
@CARBOB, you can take a Socialist to Democracy, but you'll never get them to think.
He needs to take a trip to Venezuela, and get a first hand look at his Socialism working.
He's not even close enough to be a Sanders reject.
Trumpsky made a mockery of the presidency. Blaming America for what Russia did to our Election process is treasonous. He appears star struck in front of Pootin. Over complementing a murderous and evil dictator such as Pootin shows weakness. I have never witnessed such a coward in all my life.
Nobody cares what you think, Lil'returd. Go back to your safe space and post some more cartoons for you and Amberjack to giggle about.
Thanks Carbon. I understand what you’re saying, but still I must walk the path I was put on. To the rest of you, I said it before this is the world we live in today. You know nothing but pretend you do, unless you speak 7 different languages and have written 10 books , please save it you’re looking in the mirror and nothing else, and it don’t look too pretty. Carbon, I know at least you understand, one day. It’s all we have hope for. The rest we’ll, let’s make sure these people are not as stupid as they look or sound. Most of the world is not white btw, It’s brown and black get used to it fools I have long before any of you were forced to.
I grew up in the houses of Michael and Stefanie Harrington. Bette Miller used to say hello to me as a kid. Christians Slater used to eat dinner with his Mom in my house. Don’t preach anything to me ok. I’ve sat in the Kuwaiti billionaires houses and schmoozed all you want. Believe what you want. But you believe nothing. War is war. I would’ve joined the Navy if not for health issues long ago. Navy all the Way. 100%. These jokers that call themselves names as if, I’m just here to remind them, they’re no prophets or poets. Carbob excuse me autocorrect ok, you and I both know we have to fight for the future, just because does not mean anything, if we are both smart. But we all need to be. For the futures sake. Look around y’all get a clue.
I am the old NYC mob. Schultz. Careful. Dollars to prove it. Good luck with your dreaming. WE DONT CARE.
Luciano was a guest. Invited too. Y’all are dreamers . You know nothing about real power or tea credentials. Trump. I went to school with his blokes. They got nothing to say. Only pleasing him because that’s the way he likes it. Guess you too. Haha . I’ll still be here . No question no problem
Respect to Luciano no question. He could anytime he want. Lol
Oh Boy, we've sprung another leak on the Cess pool transit line. Time to put down some speedy dry, so he can soak up some more C$*p.. I'm thinking he's a Quart Low.
Haha look at all these right wing nut job losers who will defend anything Trump says or does. You people need to be all rounded up and put on an island in the middle of the ocean somewhere. We bringing this country down with your crazy BS.

On another note, I can guarantee you that if Trump wore a witch costume and went on national TV and confessed to the campaign intrusion and collusion with the Russians, you're right wing nut job supporters would say all its fake news and that's not really Trump on the air, it's a Photoshop of him confessing. You people need help big time because you're all brainwash and bunch of freaking morons. I Revere my turds more than any of you losers
The whole world saw Pootin make a fool of Chump and the repubs flunkies he took along. Nothing that the LP trolls can say can undo what we have been telling them for months about their fearless leader.
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