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Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Obama warns against 'strongman politics '

I could not reach the page.
Anyhow Obama should focus that remark to the South Africans dictators who are doing strong arm tactics against the large plantation owners. Divide up your land or face the consequences. Some South African farmers are high tailing it to Australia.
Only the trolls gives a Rats puke about what obama has to say. POS.
Sure don't want to hear what Trumpsky has to say. I made a mistake with the word WOULD. plucking LIAR. Ugh!
For once I'm going to agree with you Lil'dummy. I wasn't happy about that either! That was a very bad call. Very atypical of Trump. I agree he said what he meant to say to Putin in Helsinki. Whoever advised him to walk that back should be fired already. Made Trump look weak by caving in to pressure from wild-eyed unhinged Democrats and other detractors. Trump should have doubled down on it like he usually does.

Given the fact that the FBI was denied access to examine DNC computers, I believe (as Trump does) that Putin was being truthful when he said the Russians had no part in hacking the DNC computers. Apparently FBI Agent Strzok/Strzuk/Smirk was unavailable for the job at the time, so the devious Democrats hired a private cyber-security firm ('CrowdStrike') which conveniently found evidence of "Russian hackers". Surprise! Surprise! And which purported "evidence" the Deep State Justice Department apparently deemed sufficient to draw up bogus indictments on imaginary Russian hackers.
I also completely agree with MADDOG10 that only the leftist pukes care anything about what Obongo has to say about anything. I wish he would move back to Kenya with Michael, put on a grass skirt and live in a shepherd's hut out on the open Maasai plains, never to be heard from again.
barry bowed to a Saudi king, fuque barry he is a cork soaker.
Big mike in Kenya, watch out!
Larry Sinclair was of the opinion that Obama was a cork soaker extraordinaire!
Pastor James David Manning sings Obama and Larry Sinclair Song:

Obama always did prefer the limp wrist/panty-waist approach.
       You childish insults aside. You are very wrong about the DNC servers. The FBI were given the image files of the hard drive and a memory dump. That is what is used to analyze potential hacking, they do not need the physical server. For the FBI to get the server, it would be powered down and any malware in the memory (there are memory only malware that leaves no files) will be lost.
        Cloudstrike is a nationally known cyber security firm that is used by fortune 500 companies, even the RNC uses them. As a person with over 30 years computer experience doing everything from programming, network admin, to some network security let me explain how these investigations work. Let's say, as you accuse, that Cloudstrike planted an email from [email protected] to [email protected] First they will look at the header info if the email, this tells investigators what route and severs the email came from and went to. They will look forward to "joes" PC and/or phone to see if he got the email. Then they will go back and look at all the servers the email routed thru, including Yahoo's server. There is no way Cloudstrike could fake that on all those server's, routers, hubs, etc. If they put a fake email on the DNC server, it would easily detected and Cloudstrike will be brought up on charges and out of business.
      Here is a nice article that goes into more detail, read it unless you think is part of the deep state.

Feel free to ignore the truth and fling childish insults.
So in other words, I was correct. The FBI is relying on information that was provided to them by 'Crowdstrike', a private security firm hired by the DNC to make sure that Democrat leadership got the results that it wanted/needed. And lo and behold, they did get the results they wanted, to-wit: RUSSIAN HACKERS, surprise! surprise! And of course, this particular job commanded a huge payday for CrowdStrike. They had no problem delivering the desired results on a silver platter...... for the right price. Surprisingly enough, the FBI seemed to have no problem whatsoever after being denied direct access to DNC computers. They were only too happy to comply and capitulate to the DNC demands.

The article you link to is no more than speculation and obfuscation of facts for the dumb and gullible. To bolster the claims of Russian "colluuuusion", and to portray the poor aggrieved Democrats as innocent victims of that nefarious 'colluuuusion" They cooked up the Hoax of the Century after Trump won the 2016 election. And Democrats fell for it hook, line and sinker! Despite what may be "widely believed", unless you were involved in the actual process, you don't know what the FBI got from CrowdStrike. The article itself stipulates (between excessive verbosity and technical jargon), that nobody knows exactly what the FBI got from CrowdStrike, but I'm sure it was all completely trustworthy, on the up and up, so on and so forth LOL! The author (obviously a partisan Democrat) goes on to defend DNC leadership for refusing to allow the FBI to seize and examine computers on the local network. Author states it was "not suspicious at all" and the DNC was justified on their position with the FBI for political reasons. First time I'm aware of EVER that that the FBI didn't just in go in and take whatever they wanted, pursuant to search warrants. They didn't seem to have that same problem when they went in and took everything they wanted from Paul Manafort in a pre-dawn raid. You're obviously one of the so-called enlightened "progreeeesive" Democrats, so I expect you to keep on pushing the false narrative and believing all the happy horsesh*t that you are being force-fed on a daily basis by CNN and MSLSD. I don't buy any of it for one minute. Experience has taught me that if Democrat leadership is involved in something like this, you can be sure that the whole thing is a sham. Nothing but a pack of lies. President Trump will ultimately be vindicated as he always is. But you have nice day, and please do let me know if there is anything else you need clarification on.
OK, be stupid, KKK, I don't care. LOL
Wtf? I stated in Number 4 that I agreed with you about something and you still have a problem with it (?) Typical Democrat; give an inch and they take a country mile.....
BTW, Lil'Returd, in reference to Post # 9 above, you simply must copy and paste the YouTube video link and watch Pastor Manning singing the Obama and Larry Sinclair song. Pastor Manning did an outstanding job with that spur of the moment musical improvisation in remembrance of that steamy love affair!
Wow Kal, first you claim you were right, right after I proved you wrong. Now you bring up stuff from 10 years ago, you guys are really are desperate to distract from the Lying Cheeto. Since you mentioned a "story" from 10 years ago, here is a nice article from then to show how much BS you guys believe in.
Kal, I eagerly await for your claims of being vindicated and link from such hard hitting news site as Now if excuse me I have child sex slave appointment in a pizza restaurant basement with Hillary and Soros, because that is actually what you believe.
Hey genius, in case you missed it, the article was about the Freakazoid Leftist Experiment called OBONGO. The same OBONGO that your side blindly drooled over and worshiped as the Promised Messiah that came bringing the Hope and Changey bumper stickers. It was excruciatingly painful to watch, but Obongo traveled to Johannesburg to take center stage and express support and solidarity with the overtly racist South African government that accuses white farmers of being criminals and is expropriating their land without compensation. Of course, Obongo didn't miss the opportunity to publicly trash and denounce the Trump Administration, making Trump out to be a liar and a racist. But Obongo has no problem with the racist government of South Africa. After all, they're getting even with the evil white farmers! Those white devils! At least they're not killing them yet, but if they do start killing the white farmers, Democrats will be good with that and heap great praise on Obongo for his support of South Africa. I'm not "desperate" about a dam thing, but I do think you leftists need to be reminded of these things from time to time. Not that it makes any difference, of course. I likewise understand that the more freaky, far-fetched, irrational, illegal or immoral an issue is, the more vehemently and rabidly the radical left-wing globalists will support it. Obongo's remarks were truly nauseating and disgusting, so I'm sure you would have thoroughly enjoyed being there to hear them in person and cheer him on. Praise be to God Almighty that President Trump has made very significant progress in reversing all the damage that the Sneaky Snake in the Black Suit did to the USA from 2008 to 2016. MAGA!

BTW, far from "proving me wrong" about the Russian hacking hoax, to the contrary, your speculations are meaningless and prove nothing other than the fact that you're willing to drink the leftist Kool-Aid. If Democrats say Russians hacked their computers, then the claim is patently false. Simple as that. Democrats have no credibility and are incapable of telling the truth about anything. That's all. The article you linked to may as well have come from, motherjones or any of the other leftist rags out there.

Don't let me hold you up! Run along now and don't miss any those Wednesday evening appointments.
KKK, you are in denial about Trumpsky. The TRUTH will make you FREE.
Lil'returd, the word TRUTH coming from a Democrat is disingenuous/oxymoronic. Lying and dishonesty are inherent traits that define the essential character of a Democrat. A Democrat is NEVER allowed to speak truthfully. It is strictly against party rules of engagement. Otherwise, Democrats would NEVER have the slightest hope or expectation of winning an election. Democrats are supported exclusively by the low-IQ voters since they will blindly accept any outrageous lie about the "evil" Republicans that want dirty water and want to take away Grandma's social security check. TRUTH and DEMOCRAT are antithetical terms. The two words combined can't make sense. Do you get my drift?
Lil'returd, you never did let me know how you liked Pastor Manning's rendition of the Obama and Larry Sinclair song....(?) Pastor Manning has posted a lot of great eye-opening videos about the the long-legged Mack Daddy!
Who is your pastor, satan?
The illustrious Pastor James David Manning, of course!
Satan is represented by the number 44. You should already know that. I wrote some interesting commentary on that subject not long ago. Go back and read up on it, Lil'Returd.
Satan is your pastor KKK.
Satan is your pastor KKK.
Rest assured that Satan (#44) is NOT my pastor
Trumpsky is your pastor, same thing.
Try to pay attention. I will break it down where even you can't fail to understand.
44 is not the same number as 45.

44 = Obama (Satan)

45 = Trump (Patriot/Redeemer of the Nation)

You see how that works? Going from 44 to 45?

I would recommend that you read "#44, The Mysterious Stranger" by Samuel Clemens, but I digress since that was written on a level not intended for 3rd and 4th graders.
KKK you are a disciple of satan and don't know it because you have a reprobate mind. To suggest that your high school education is equivalent to mine is ASININE. You are beyond ignorant. SAD
Lil'Returd, get your head out of URANUS and go wash your hands, LOL
KKK, you're funny and sad.
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