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Monday, July 2, 2018


Maxine Waters Triples Down On Dems To Hararass Trump Administration Officials

She just doesnt get it, no team player this nut case. Her elevator doesnt reach the top floor, good grief.
Sadly and dangerously, an unmitigated hate monger :-(

Really should be declared a public nuance.
What she really needs is her name on a Federal warrant charging her with multiple counts of sedition.
Oh please give me a break, just a couple of days ago I saw on TV actual Trump clips of video showing him wishing harm on other people in the past 2 years or so.

The beauty of MSNBC is that they actually disprove what a lot of things Trump lies about by going back and showing clips of the opposite. Fox News will never do that and you know that. Fake news is one thing but actual Clips showing proof is another, so take your BS somewhere else a holes. And you know who you are, a bunch of idiots who don't think about what has happened in the past. You just a ride along like a bunch of brainwashed bootlickers.
Big surprise! Amberjack thinks MSLSD is real news, LOL! The only worthwhile thing about MSLSD are the YouTube video clips of Rachel Madcow breaking down and sobbing after Trump won the election. Those are priceless!
Amber, Fox is not a news organization. It is made up of conspiracy theorists and wacko sycophants of the right-wing. They have no journalistic integrity at all. They are just bums with a grudge against past and present democrats. SAD
I got a good laugh out of Post #6! I found it so rich coming from a hysterical Democrat that wants to talk about "conspiracy theorists" and "wacko right-wing sycophants". Fox News is the only mainstream news organization NOT controlled by the Democrats like they control CNN, MSLSD, ABC, etc. According to Nielsen Media Research, Fox News handily wins the cable news ratings race. Not everybody is as ignorant as you make yourself out to be. The average number of Fox News daily viewers far surpasses that of CNN and MSLSD. Sean Hannity's program was the most watched for the 5th consecutive month. CNN and MSLSD no longer even qualify as news networks. They are nothing but mouthpieces for the Democrat malcontents. You already know what to expect from them every day: Trump did this! Trump did that! Trump said this! Trump said that! Trump is bad! Hillary is good! Trump's a bum! Trump's a dog! Trump's a caveman! Trump's a Nazi! Trump's a racist! Trump's a bigot! Russian collusion! Mueller investigation! That's all- 24/7 negative coverage on Trump from the Fake News Networks. And you nitwits think that is called "journalistic integrity"? How dumb must a person be to call such foolish drivel "journalistic integrity"? Maybe it does appeal to the low-IQ crowd that can't think for themselves and have to be told what to think. Fox News will provide panelists from both sides to discuss the issues and present different perspectives in order for the viewer to decide based on the presentation of facts (not emotion) CNN's audience continues to shrink by day as nobody but hysterical Democrats are interested in the non-stop stream of leftist propaganda and anti-Trump diatribe being churned out to keep the usual rabble-rousers agitated and ready to riot at a moment's notice.
No one on Fox are journalists with credentials. Not even Hannity. Their gibberish has no journalistic value. It's just non-stop conspiracy theories for itching ears and simpletons. SAD
So says the usual suspect and Chief Rabble-Rouser, LOL
Get a life FREELOADER. Your free conversation is over. P1ss-off!
Whaaaat? I thought being a Democrat was all about being a gubmint FREELOADER ? Don't forget what you are and what you stand for, you big re-turd you!

By the way, never was a "conversation" in the first place. Just me pointing out what a sad and dumb troll you are. You may be a paid troll, but a troll none-the-less with no intelligent or even entertaining material to fall back on. Pathetic.
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