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Wednesday, July 25, 2018


Maxine Waters' Los Angeles Office Receives Package Labelled 'Anthrax'

That's horrible! If it actually was Anthrax, it might infect someone innocent. If it was just her, however, that would be fine by me.

I think she already has rabies, though

Instead of Anthrax, she really needs to be shipped a box full of Xanax... She could certainly use THAT.
Hey dykeintexas... do us all a favor and take yourself and the other losers on this site believe and your Nazi leader and jump off of a cliff a really high one thank you
Nothing wrong with you a baseball bat across the mouth wouldn't cure,, ambturd.

"dykeintexas" ? I guess perhaps I am a lesbian, because, unlike you, I like women.

You're going to ruin THAT keyboard if you keep slobbering on it.
Yeah right another tough loser a hole on the internet. The right-wing nutjobs like you are wimps.
Oh, I didn't threaten you, only mentioned a cure for your mental defects.

YOU are the one that always brings up what should happen to anyone who disagrees with your perverted opinions.

I am unsure of many things in this world, but I KNOW I am tougher than you. Most mouthy a-holes like you are pu$$ies. The difference between you and I is I never say anything to you in these blogs that I wouldn't say to your face.

I also know l am more sane than you because I don't get triggered several times a day as do you.
Well you're wrong again as usual. First of all you dumbasses always complain about how the left-wing radicals are violent to Republicans yet you respond with violence. Don't give me that BS about I wasn't threatening you crap, tell that to someone else who's going to believe you. Secondly you're probably just a fat redneck with a beard and missing teeth living in your mom's basement please, don't insult my intelligence. And even if you're not that fat loser there's a good bed at beat that living nonsense out of you. Most rednecks are a bunch of pussies themselves we get too drunk and think they can fight and end up being a sloppy mess with broken teeth and a black eye or two. If I had the resources I come and meet you and not smelly state of yours and show you how pain really feels like b****!

And the reason I know I'm right is because in your last paragraph you say that you're sane. Anyone who believes in Trump's garbage is either a total retard redneck gun touting moron, or they hated Hillary so much that they rather ruin the country instead just to get even. You know that's true and I know that's true so go f yourself you dumb freaking Freakazoid from some primordial soup.
You are the poster child for Trump derangement syndrome.

Don't forget to wipe the spittle off of your keyboard!
Great Job Amber. You're wiping the floor with KLANINTEXAS. LMAO
I wonder MikeinTexas if you’ve ever actually been hit with a baseball bat on your head. The correct target is the back of the head btw. I know some who have been. And lived after. Careful with empty talk cowboy. Those days are over.
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