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Sunday, July 1, 2018


Maxine Waters: Assassins Better Shoot Straight

An Emergency Order should be issued to remove this deranged/crazed lunatic from office and confined to a maximum security psychiatric ward. Effective immediately.
They left is resorting to these desperate last-ditch tactics as they feel it all slipping away. Bye-bye libbies!
And what is wrong with shooting gay??? homophobe maxie does it again!!!!!!!
She is a gold mine for the Republican vote get out for the mid-term election. Along with the Democratic Socialist in New York who wants to abolish ICE. Along with all the anti Trumpers in the streets harping on immigration policies. Open borders, abolish ICE plus demonstrations coming up against his Supreme Court pick. Democrat Senate members unhinged.

What a gold mine of hate America they are showing.
November 6 2018 could be another election day to remember.

Even President Trump was pleading with the Democrat leadership to PLEASE let low IQ Muddy Waters keep her job! Not to censure her in any way since she is making the Republicans more popular day by day. Keep it up Mad Maxie!
This woman has made my blood boil. Goes and tells her cyborgs to go out cause a crowd and push back President Trump's staff and supporters and tell them they arent welcome anymore anywhere. Then goes and hides in her $4.5 million walled ivory tower. What a HYPOCRITE. I think Waters needs to be eliminated from office. After she is out, I dont care what she does or says. There is a special place in helll for her. She just joined the ranks with Pelosi and Feinstein et al, in the insignificant, unimportant and irrelevant club. Adios.
Maxine stands her ground. She is fearless. She makes repubs head explode. LMAO
Mad Maxie is currently President's Trump's best asset. She gets him more votes every time she opens her mouth to spew more venom.
Mad Maxie', a desperate media seeking whore, will find no traction with mainstream America, values - talking to herself & speaking to her trouble making menions :-(
Mad Maxine is an assassin herself. A truth assassin. She endeavors to slay the truth every time it gets in her way. She doesn't do a very good job at it. Her lies and slanderous remarks to incite rabble-rousers will come back on her 7-fold. Truth always prevails.
Once I looked at the video someone took of Waters chirping, I realized she didnt have anybody there, just a handful of loudmouths lol. Just like her town hall meeting about a month ago, there were a couple of people who showed up, more than likely employees. All that for maybe 5 people?
I wonder how her ego takes seeing bus stops with Impeach Maxine Water signs?
Looney Tunes standing her ground and fearless when she has less than a dozen people show up? Yea ok. Nobody took her advice, go home Lunatic Max.

Every time I hear her say something, the song Lunatic Fringe pops into my head. lol
I've heard that song a million times, but I never knew the name of it or which band it was. Got it playing on YouTube now.
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