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Tuesday, July 24, 2018


Attorney General Jeff Sessions Repeats 'Lock Her Up' Chant

lol lol
Little Jeff is really an Ewok. He is not of this world. His attempt to blend in has failed. He blew his cover when he was caught snacking on crickets and roaches.
Yeah, the ONLY reason that Mr. Magoo (courtesy of Trump) is even mentioning Hillary now is because Mueller cut him some slack with not aggressively pursuing perjury. At one point, they pressured him so tough that he had to stall for like twenty seconds before he could even attempt to answer. He knows not to push Mueller but, Trump will learn the head to the pavement way.

-Off Topic- So, it does seem that North Korea has made efforts to dismantle a launching pad, I believe, which is good news. Trump was worried, as he should've been, because there's no declaration on anything but, Jong Un giving his word and 'seemingly' making good of it can work as well. Trump can still forget about that Peace Prize because he really stepped in it with his childish and extremely unprofessional response-threat to Iran. Folks, I get it that Iran has does the whole 'death to America' but, that chant represents something completely opposite of what most Republicans want Americans to think. It doesn't mean they hate Americans or death to America itself. What they're pissed off about is what happened in 1953 when WE went over there and did what we've been doing every since then in the Middle East...and purposely creating instability. Yes, we do that. Call me un-America all you want, I know the truth and call what it is. That's something NO ONE on Fox News or any right wing radio broadcast has the ability to admit while the left illustrates it with the facts. We went there and overthrew their stable government just so we could put someone in that would better serve OUR PURPOSES.

*"Death to America" expresses the anger many Iranians feel about U.S. policy toward Iran, said Foad Izadi, an assistant professor of world studies at the University of Tehran. Iranians remember that the U.S. overthrew the legitimate government of Mohammad Mossadegh in 1953 and supported the dictatorial Shah who followed. The slogan "means death to American foreign policy," said Izadi. Iranians "have problems with the American government, not the American people." In fact, he said, Iranians are friendly to Americans. "When you walk around town, and people see you're an American, everyone wants to take care of you."-

Um, how many people right here in our country have a problem with our own government??? I keep telling you folks to put down that decaf and get some good, strong black sugar, no cream.

-Off Topic- Well, it's being reported that Trump is now implementing his FARMERS BAILOUT! Yep, those tariffs that were suppose to get leverage and help the economy so much are aggressively backfiring in every way. First, it was Harley and now it's the automotive and construction industries that are hurting...badly. Mercedes, BMW, and Volkswagen are preparing to do exactly what Harley did. We have an automotive parts manufacturer right here in Texas that's getting ready to layoff a bunch of people pretty quick because they're about to see a $3M+ increase in their outgoing numbers. Ain't nobody talking about too much 'cause it sheds light on just how incompetent this man really is....and the mistake they really made. Just like we said early on, the very people that voted him in will be the very ones he hurts the absolute most.

Don't run now, it's just gettin' started. We have nowhere near enough money circulating in the economy to sustain these tax cuts, folks. I know that hurts but, it's the truth. See, Trump thought he was going to hit other countries with tariffs, which are only taxes, in an effort to somewhat try and offset this deficit. Well, these countries are also hitting our economy with tariffs which means even more outgoing $$$ with the same tax cuts. Do the math. Every single time the Republicans cuts taxes, folks, we have to go through this same dumb $hit. The economy tanks, a good Democrat that actually understands how math and our economy works wins the election, and they have to......raise taxes to regain stability.

Here's a simple analogy for illustration purposes. Take your 401K which you contribute to faithfully and NEVER LOWER or WITHDRAW FROM unless it's a dire emergency because it's for your FUTURE, YOUR ECONOMY. No one takes away, or REDUCES, from their 401K 'just to reward themselves' as far as I know. *Why in hell do Republicans insist on reducing our contributions to America's 401K, which is the ECONOMY, just to reward a few rich people while hurting future stability of our 401K...the ECONOMY???? It makes ZERO SENSE to me. Yes, I know that the government doesn't save the taxes we pay, they use them to take care of the country. How much less do we have to repair roads, bridges, and everything else now? You cannot reduce what's coming in and STILL expect to meet the same financial obligations. It's unreal.

13 billion is less money than a 500 billion trade deficit. At least the 13 billion stays in this country. DOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH
Well, l yesterday, we had one of our top LP bloggers cite CNN as their credible source for the Clapper development. Cool. Tonight, CNN broke out with that tape of Trump and Cohen discussing exactly what Trump denied and lied about this entire time, folks. Um, where is our blogger at on this???? I mean, it's CNN AGAIN, after all. Didn't I just say that these people cherry pick what they want and when to make themselves feel good, folks? Sure, I did because I know their playbook backwards and forward. I'm waiting for Trump to deny this tape like he did the 'grab 'em by the putty' tape...and his cult believed him. Only some believed while others wrote it off. This is different, though. Remember when Trump said he loves the poorly educated? Here's why?

-"What you're seeing and what you're reading is not what's happening"-

That's what Trump told his followers, folks. Just a few days ago, I referred to all of this nonsense to George Orwell's 1984...and look at what Time Magazine just dropped TODAY:

Folks, this thing is real and they're all caught right in the middle of it. What they don't know is that it's ALL QUICK SAND. Finally, the ORIGINAL Putin-Trump exchange transcript from Helsinki has been SCRUBBED by the White House leaving out key questions answered by Putin. Oh, I forgot, I didn't see or read the transcript. Russsia washed the Wiki of Mariia Butina, towards the bottom:

Finally, Russia has attacked our own top General in the Middle East:

*It's never too late to wake up, your country needs you.

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