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Monday, April 30, 2018


NBC's Andrea Mitchell: Sarah Sanders Deserves An Apology Was Grossly Insulted At WHCD

Ya think? Good Lord horrible insults to lots of people. Have we degraded so low that that garbage is considered funny? NO ONE DESERVES SUCH HUMILIATION. That so called comedian should be run out of town. There was nothing funny about her comedy.
She does, but not just from this lady. She’s not the only one. Sticks and stones etc, Sarah Huckabee is a smart lady, and an attractive one as far as I’m concerned.
@Soledad I agree totally on all you said. Sarah has both substance and class, something her critics might want to work on for themselves.
Low class unknown comedian idiot, its words have zero value. On the other hand Sara's mind and words are priceless.
Alright, now that all the BS is properly hitting the fan, ALL YOU TRUMP SUPPORTERS now have a corresponding and relevant obligation regarding this same matter. You must now CALL OUT TRUMP for doing the exact same thing with attacking women's personal appearance who are on the LEFT. Yeah, this includes Hillary. Her personal appearance has nothing to do with any political disdane than anyone may have with her. What about Elizabeth Warren? So many other celebrities' looks Trump has attacked over the idea that they disagreed with his policy positions. *POTUS should be held to a 100% higher professional standard, right? RIGHT!!

Let the hypocrisy begin...I designed it this way. I know, I'm so good.
Det. Short Bus is on the case!!!!! Tell us Det. SB who do you support, and what have they done for America lately?
LL, It's amazing how repubs can see everything wrong when someone criticizes Spanky, but sees nothing wrong with potty mouth Spanky when he does it on a daily basis. SAD, HYPOCRITICAL, and PATHETIC SPANKIZOIDS.
Oh, how I know Speedy. You and I have been calling such behavior out for years now, man. For the record, the comedian did no such a thing in terms of a personal attack. The 'right' simply took the skit about how Sanders 'burns the facts and uses the ashes to make snokey eyes.' That's what all this BS is about, man. Riddle me this: Where in hell were all these same [email protected] textbook hypocrites when then candidate Trump mocked a disabled reporter? That man is disabled and no one said a word to Trump. Guess what? Mueller is about to do the same thing to Trump that I've done here and he'll utilize Trump's own words and actions to corner him with that list of (49) questions. They're all straight forward and relevant to all things that have transpired. However, he's putting Trump on super slippery rocks in terms of consistency and INTENT based on the TIMELINE OF EVENTS. This will clearly reveal to Mueller....WHAT TRUMP KNEW AND WHEN HE KNEW IT. Get ready.
Neither lil shiddy or the detective short bus have anyone, noble cause, or agenda they want to name because they are both ignorant mindless douche bags that hate America, LOSERS from the get go! You both....are idiots.
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