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Thursday, January 11, 2018


Trump's 's--hole' comment about Haiti lends credence to report he said Haitians 'all have AIDS'<snip>hole-comment-about-haiti-lends-credence-to-report-that-he-said-its-residents-all-have-aids/?tid=pm_politics_pop&utm_term=.032c2b7e61c0



Trump’s ‘<snip>hole’ comment about Haiti lends credence to report he said Haitians ‘all have AIDS’

Washington Post



Three weeks ago, the New York Times reported that President Trump had said something hugely offensive about Haitians – that they “all have AIDS” – in a June meeting about immigration. The White House strenuously denied it, and the fact that the story landed on Dec. 23 helped it escape scandal proportions.

Trump won’t be so fortunate with his latest comments on Haiti.

The Washington Post’s Josh Dawsey is reporting that Trump made a similar comment about wanting more immigrants from places like Norway rather than from “<snip>hole counties” like Haiti and those in Africa.

“Why are we having all these people from <snip>hole countries come here?” he told lawmakers during a meeting in the Oval Office on Thursday, according to two people briefing on the session. And this time, the White House isn't even denying it.

The comments represent the latest evidence that Trump views certain countries' inhabitants as less desirable than others. And after his move to ban travel from certain majority-Muslim countries, it won’t escape anyone that he’s now playing up the idea that we need more immigrants from places like Norway (which is overwhelmingly white) rather than Haiti and Africa (which are overwhelmingly black).

Trump’s defenders will likely argue that it’s more about how educated the country’s populaces are and the value their immigrants could bring to the United States. Haiti and countries in Africa certainly lag behind the rest of the world by almost any measure. Haiti ranks as one of the world's least-developed countries, according to the United Nations.

But if anything, Trump’s comment Thursday about Haiti lends credence to the Times’s report that Trump singled out the country for that particularly offensive treatment back in June. Trump added in that June meeting that immigrants from Nigeria, once they saw the United States, would never “go back to their huts,” according to the Times. Is it really any surprise that he again focused his comments on African countries and Haiti, out of all the countries in the world? (Trump also singled out El Salvador for derision on Thursday.)

Picking Trump's most offensive comment out of everything he's said over the last three years is a difficult task. There was the time he criticized prisoners of war like John McCain for getting captured. There were the many things he has said about women's appearances and about grabbing them by the "p---y." He made a reference to his genitalia at a presidential debate (lest we forget)

But these comments are sure to draw almost universal -- and international -- condemnation. And the fact that Trump feels comfortable making such remarks behind closed doors with lawmakers makes you wonder what else he's said behind closed doors.

The only thing the story lends credence to is the fact that the Democrats are liars through and through and will stop at nothing to discredit and slander the President. These leftists are some sick and conniving people. They are of the Devil, the Father of all lies.These people couldn't tell the truth or even acknowledge the truth if their lives depended on it.
Kalo believes in Gnomes and fairytale can anyone take this clown seriously...
Amberjackoff, you are an Emissary of the Devil as well. Depart from this page and begone ye perverse worker of iniquity!
Amber, KKKAL and others just can't accept the fact that they elected a president with huge flaws in character and integrity. He has no moral leadership and is a pathological liar. He is loved by his base and despised by the majority of Americans and countries around the world. Anything he says or does is ok with them because they see Trump as Furor. SAD
Lid'dummy, you two libtards seem to have so much in common, but do you also agree with Amberjack's unwavering belief that Jesus, God The Father and Satan are mythical characters from an ancient fairy tale? He says it all the time. That's what he was making reference to in Post #2. Just wondering.
Nice try Lil'dummy, in trying to reach out and buddy up with "Antifa Amberjack" by playing the "Nazi card". That kind of deviancy appeals to him, but I think the word you were looking for is F├╝hrer, not Furor, LOL
Gee, thanks for correcting my spelling. I, for one don't think it necessary if you understand what a person says. But if it makes you feel good, have at it. But know this too, it does not make you look smarter, instead it just shows you don't have anything of worth to say. SAD
And may I now have your response to post # 5 ?
You see KKKAL, this is where wisdom takes over. Pay attention. In America, one has a right to believe as they wish. I am a Christian, and because of that I must get along with all people, Jesus did. So who am I to judge another's belief's? The only person I am responsible for is ME. The only person you are responsible for is YOU! You or I can't past judgment on no one...we have no heaven or hell to place anyone in.
That's fine. I happen to agree with that. Even though from what I see, you definitely don't get along all that well with a whole lot of people. especially those that vote for the candidate with the 'R' beside his name. But, there's no need to get bent out of shape about it. Ya'll seem to have so much in common, so I was just wondering. Liberals are truly strange creatures to me!

But now, as result of post # 9 that you made, Amberjack will always view you with a lingering grain of doubt and suspicion as you subscribe to some of my same beliefs. Maybe you will be the next one he starts hollering about being a Nazi collaborator that believes in fairy tales. For the record, I don't care what he believes either, but I'm just saying, he's waaay out in the proverbial Tullies where the Good Giggles plant grows.
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