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Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Trump Bucks GOP Makes Deal With Democratic Leadership on Debt Ceiling

Well, I'm not sure if it's CNN's reporting that's the problem here, or, if Trump's move here was the ultimate no-no for his base. It's as quiet as ant whispering in this entry! Maybe this news is actually fake. Yeah, that's it! CNN is at it again! Why hasn't Trump slammed CNN for this yet???

Okay, that's enough, I had my vent. See, I tried to warn you folks about honkering down with Trump and his anti-media rhetoric. Everything must be dealt with on a case by case basis, folks, and there's no room for broad brushing. So, Trump put his wheelin' and dealin' skills on display, eh? Well, he did in fact run his campaign on being a deal maker, RIGHT? That's what everyone around here said and I have every single link ready, too. Hell, that's what Rush, Hannity, Levin, Ryan, Christie, and the whole dang back forty bragged about regarding Trump.

Now, there is silence and sad faces. Why? It's just one deal and it was actually the right thing to do even though it was actually left. We're just happy the lights, water, and gas stays on...ya know. I will be listening ever so closely to Rush, Hannity, Levin, and my Sirius XM right hand channels to see just how much they brag on Trump's deal-making skills with the Dem's. I'm betting $100 not a single one of them will even mention the term deal-maker. Cannot wait to hear Rush's callers give props to Trump after Rush said, "Trump is THE deal maker!"
Everything is somebody else's fault according to Trump. Let the no name nothings keep pushing their paper tigers to try to feel like they're not to blame as well. Trump's perfect for everybody. Not me. But everybody else I'm sure. Haha. Come on guys put them in their place. They have no brains anyways.
Apparently it is true. I heard Michael Savage about to stroke out over this earlier today and had to check into it further. I wondered what was wrong with Savage. I had a hard time to believe it myself. This is very disappointing to say the least. It is very foolish and naive for Trump to be cutting any so-called bipartisan deals with the devious demonRATS. They will stab him the back at the earliest possible opportunity. They will continue to fight and resist the Trump agenda towards the ultimate goal of having him somehow removed from office. You have people on these LP blogs that make comments about how sooner or later somebody will step up to the plate and assassinate President Trump. That would make the leftists deliriously happy to the point of frenzied ecstasy.

And I then I heard the sickening audio clips of that two-faced traitor Paul Ryan gloating and extolling the virtues of the Trump administration having proved their ability to work with the demonrats. NEWS FLASH: We don't want Trump to work with the demonrats at all! Paul Ryan is part of the problem and should have received his pink slip a long time ago. I don't know why Trump continues to tolerate Paul Ryan. The Trumpster needs to be actively and vigorously working against the demonrats at all times, thereby fulfilling and having a realistic chance of delivering on his campaign promises to the "basket of deplorables" that got him elected. Hopefully it will not be the start of an on-going trend to begin capitulating to demands and pressure from the leftists.
Trump has never been a repub or a dem. He's just a businessman that looks out for his own interest/brand. He will make a deal with anyone. After all he is the deal maker. LMAO
He's liable to get burned dealing with the Devil.
I saw on another thread where JAP69 had another more upbeat and positive interpretation on these seemingly distressing developments. I may reserve futher judgement on this until the big picture becomes more clear.
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