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Sunday, July 30, 2017


Trump Tries to Regroup As West Wing Battles Itself

West wing battles bring out who is useless to be there in the first place.
They're just beginning to clean house. Gotta find vermin nests before you can remove them.
Awwww, hell nawww! Nope! When Trump first began talking about 'draining the swamp', you dumb@sses were so sure that he was speaking of only axing DEMOCRATS!! Now, you're all trying to re-adjust and save face since it's the MAJORITY OF REPUBLICANS that he's dropping the sledge hammer on. I know I'm right on this...don't need your confirmation or denial for that matter. To drive my point home, every single conservative talk show host on AM 740 and Sirius XM took SERIOUS issue when Trump decided to go after Sessions after he had already said that Sessions did a good job with his testimonies. Sessions will NEVER be able to scrub those TIRE MARKS off of his back because NONE of you dumb@sses possess a cornerstone of DIGNITY. As much as I disagree with and oftentimes really dislike Sessions, what Trump did to him was absolutely wrong! Trump always touts LOYALTY and Sessions gave him exactly that. His reward was Michelin Tire grooves all over his back!!! You dumb m'fers had better wake the phuck up. It looks like you're all SUDDENLY glad that Priebus has been axed when just last year, no one had an ill thing to say about him.

Most of you people are downright hypocrites...seriously. It's only when Trump decides to take a stance against someone in the party that you all fall into symmetry which means that you cannot think for yourself and draw your own conclusions. Additionally, most of you cannot stand for others opposite of you to share their feelings on Trump's already failed presidency. As long as they're saying good stuffs, it's all good and they're allowed to hang around and post on your blog. Oh, but the very second they'e had enough of Trump's antics and become vocal on your blog, THEY ARE OUTTA THERE!!! Case in point:

Key words here are: 'your last comment on my blog.'

Folks, this is the type of person that supports shutting down the free press unless the free press is ALWAYS speaking well about the POTUS. If the free press is shedding light on all the lies and facts about he POTUS which cast them into a negative perspective, they simply want the press shut down then. Allow me to use myself as an example here. I'm presently a member on many a blogs on the internet and all I have to do to fit into the TRUMP POSSE is say all the right things, oppose any and everything Democrat no matter how much sense it makes, conform to which ever way Trump 'blows' no matter that he was the opposite last week, and call any decent Republican in congress/senate a RINO if they want to vote for what is actually the right thing FOR THE PEOPLE instead of sh*tting on everyone for the sake of the party. Christian values are nothing more than a FRONT when it comes to these people.
Here's a little gift to my friend here in the blogs in the interest of his Maxine Waters meme:

Just copy and paste into the main search bar...and enjoy!!!! Yep, I'm outta my cage and on the RAMPAGE phuckers!!!!
Well, well, well!! Where the hell are KALO35, lejardin, jarasan, and all the other panty wearers? You posted everywhere else and tried to attack my black @ss but, failed miserably. The truth I've posted here is no different than other places where I've handed your @sses to you!! Folks, we've got some weak, sheisty @ss people in the LP blogs. They'll come after me for telling the truth while allowing Trump to sh*t all over the very guy that jumped on board to support him from jump street. They're all castrated.
Lucky Liar, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if you have a large poster of Mad 'Murky Waters' in her James Brown wig hanging on the wall of your room. I heard little kids run away crying when they see her coming as she looks like a scary monster from one of those 1950s sci-fi movies, but some on your side of the fence see her as the face of new Demon-Rat Party. Why is is that the demon-rats always gravitate towards the most outrageous and demented individuals to carry the party banner? Murky Waters conducts herself in an openly seditious manner on the House Floor, ranting and raving against President Trump, trying to incite like-minded idiots to rebel and riot against the authority of the government, and she's not arrested and charged with sedition? The only reason that makes sense is that they know she's a bonafide nut job and needs to be committed. Yet, in the meantime, we still have to listen to her mouth as she continues to make a spectacle of herself and embarrass the nation.



I admit the public dressing down of Jeff Sessions seems to be counter-productive and is a mystery to me. UNLESS there may be some ulterior motive in the overall scheme of things that was designed to soften you libtards up to feel sympathy and compassion for Jeff Sessions. Thereby lessening resistance and opposition to the stated agenda of AG Session's Justice Department. Ya'll hated Sessions almost as much as you hate Trump, but now you're starting to warm up to poor old beleaguered Jeff. He must not be so bad after all since he SEEMS to be the cause of considerable vexation, consternation and frustration for President Trump. Such a clever ploy would allow Sessions to drop off the radar while still advancing the Trump agenda behind the scenes. By the time ya'll progtards realize what is going on, it will be too late and Crooked Hillary will be in a prison jump suit. LOL! Then Sessions will not be your friend any longer, and the all the loud bombastic trash talking starts up again. I don't know, just a hypothesis. Lock her up Jeff!
What a hypocrite. You people are fast to call a repub a RINO and everyone else a LIBERAL when people don't agree with your asinine agenda. But please note that no one gives a fuk about what you people say or think. I can't help it if you have thin-skin when anything is said about Trump. All I can say about that is grow up!
What are you ranting and raving about now, Lil-dummy? As usual, you're making no sense. Your comments are totally irrelevant to what I posted about Jeff Sessions. Did you skip your evening meds, or you're just having fun pounding out on the keyboard whatever random craziness that happens to pop into your amoeba brain at the moment?
There goes that thin-skin. Many of your posts are off the subject. They are designed to deflect only. SAD
Okay. So I as suspected, you ARE just pounding out whatever disjointed nonsense happens to pop into your head. Might I suggest that if you have nothing even remotely intelligent to say (which would apply to you), then sometimes it's best not to post anything at all, instead of feeling compelled to belabor the point towards the ultimate eventuality of proving to everyone beyond any shadow of doubt that you're an ignorant person that should not have access to the internet.
KKKAL, I am just humoring you. All of your posts are gibberish and off the subject. Your feeling are hurt because we don't see what you see in Trump. YOU'VE BEEN Trumpotized!
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