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Monday, June 19, 2017


She's Still Trainer In Chief: Michelle Obama Host Weekend Boot Camp

Good, maybe the pubs can learn a thing or two from her.
If "the pubs" want Wookie lessons, they can always watch the Star Wars flicks.

A "woman" so hideously ugly through and through, both inside and out. the press had to rave about her "lovely arms".

Face it, she was Obama's "beard". Maybe he was hers, who knows?
Mikey, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, it is obviously not in your racist misogynous trailer park eyes. Michelle can hold her on...he doesn't need the likes of you for motivation. SAB
So says the racist misogynous P.O.S. Your constant projecting of your faults upon others is just...sad.

"...he doesn't need..." Talk about a Freudian slip. LMAO Yep, "she" probably can "hold her on" and does so every time "she" urinates.

SAB? Was unfamiliar with that acronym. Some vulgar meanings, none of which fit me (nor do the "trailer park" slurs you keep leveling at me) I guess you mean "smoke a bowl"? No thanks, I gave that up when I became a man and maybe some day you'll reach that point. Maybe, but....
moochelle always on the mooch, mooching along, to mooch some more over here and over there.
JARASAN, the pervert. Your comments speaks for themselves. I have never made a comment about a president's wife or children and I'm not going to start now. You and Mikey, on the other hand have no class or shame. You two idiots will never be able to accomplish the things that Mrs. Obama has and is accomplishing. You two are just JEALOUS. SAD:<
Moochelle the Moocher. Mooching on the left, mooching on the right. Nothing to mooch here! Mooch right on along please!
KKKAL, I don't expect any better from you. Your kind has always disrespected, abused, and fantasized about Black women. It angers you that you no longer can have your way with them. SAD:<
Lilsleezebag,you seriously find Moochelle The Tranny attractive?
I find her to be beautiful and smart. I think it's just a Black thing. I don't expect anything better from you.
Oh well, I'll get back with you in a few hours KKKAL. LOL
LilSleazey, I don't think its "a black thing" at all, but I can definitely understand why you would find Moochelle "beautiful and smart". After all, she's a first class moocher, talks trash about President Trump, and moreover cuts such a dashingly handsome figure! She radiates virility and has such strong manly arms and shoulders to scoop you up with! But I'm afraid she would body slam you in the blink of an eye if you tried reaching up her dress to get confirmation one way or another. Proceed with caution, LOL
Like I said, It's a Black thing with you. Your portrayal of the former first lady is that of a shallow racist little man from the deep south. SAD:<
I hope you don't get hurt too severely when she body slams your old decrepit behind to the pavement, Lol
KKKAL, you have problems with strong intelligent black women. What's up with that? Hummmmm
Lilsleezebag, I'm not going to give Moochelle a chance to body slam my azz, I've got better sense than that!
KKKAL, if you only knew how very stupid and immature you sound, you would shut up and go look at your sorry azz in the mirror. SAD:<
KKKAL, running out things to say, or is your brain stuck on stupid.
KKKAL, your eyes getting heavy. We're just getting started...I can sleep late today.
Sorry, didn't want to interrupt your perverted Moochelle Tranny fantasies. Even Joan Rivers knew about it before the demon-rats had her silenced.
I'm back, good as new. Now for another fun pack day with a bonafide dirty cop.
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