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Friday, June 23, 2017


Donald Trump Says Obama May Have Planted Secret Recorders In Oval Office

What an idiot trump is. Supporters call themselves american but couldn't care less about russian interference. They just take their seats under trumps azz.

Why should he or his supporters (the deplorables) care about something that didn't happen? Take a look in the mirror to get a reflection of a genuinely authentic idiot! The only so-called "Russian meddling" that happened was under Odumbo's watch and he did nothing about it. This is all starting to come to light and we find out the the demon-rats are the ones that let it happen without any repercussions and then tried to make it look like the Trump administration was the culprit. The new Jeff Sessions Justice Department will get it all sorted out. At least 4 demon-rats from the Odumbo admin that will likely be facing prison time for obstruction of justice.
I call Donald "Mongolito"
But when I do, I feel like I am insulting those who have mental disabilities when I compare Donald with them.
They say that "A mind is a terrible thing to waste" and Donald's mind is a total waste.
Never mind any of that, it is evil Fernando writing this and not MonEl (Mon El).
'Mongolito', haha so funny, I call you "Troglodita" .Another deranged nutcase whack job troll comes out of the woodwork. Go back to your cave troglodyte.
Lowredda Lynch is going on the hot seat, about time, if she pleads the fifth or whatever instant go to jail card.
Luckyshoes, I couldn't have wrote it any better. BRAVO !

Brilliantly concise and to the point !
Notice how it's the Pubs who use the word "TROLL". So if anyone other than they, post an opinion or response to a post, it's trolling. A wannabe commentary police cadet.

Fake news amberjack (amberjill?). Very fake news. Even Nancy Pelosi is catching on. But you were too busy with your friend Molly and missed the memo. The Donald is playing all you libturds for the fools that you are, Lol, this is all very entertaining!
Keep dreaming Kalo, I'm an autonomous being who serves no one If I can help it.
To your credit, I will concede that at least you have enough sense to realize "Dr. Miracle" is fake news. Ever since a long time ago!
A quick Google search on the headline brings up the first page of results, all from either TMZ or Hollywood Life or other tabloids that make the Natl. Enquirer look Pulitzer worthy. The sole exception is one from WaPo and their credibility isn't any better than the Enquirer's. What's more, even if you actually labeled it as "news", it's old news from over a month ago and TMZ just keeps recycling it.

Mighty green of 'em to recycle, but things of this sort should be recycled in the bottom of a parrot's cage.

I can just hear the parrot now as he drops a big load onto the paper: "Awwk, that's redundant!"
Amber they will have the next four years to defend Trumpsky. He will create much fodder to talk about. KKKAL and MIKEY are two buffoons that believe in their wittle racist heart that Trumpsky is the answer to the calamity we are now facing. Reality takes no prisoners, it just let you remain in your stupor until you decide I was wrong about everything. Until they reach that point, they will remain gullible to all the BULLSHl* that comes out of Trumpsky's mouth. I'm having fun observing all the stupidity of Trumpsky's disciples. SAD:<
Bash Trump LilSleazy and then copy how he tweets, using SAD at the end. Very original sleazy.
Excellent time for you to become a missing person.
Stop with the racist crap, Sleezy. It's lost its meaning, esp. when it comes from bigots such as yourself.

Calamity? We survived eight yrs. of Obama, surely this great nation can survive at least three more from Trump. Looks to me like we're starting to recover from the long national nightmare. BTW, have you and your fellow 'tards seen the latest legitimate Presidential approval polls?

I don't have to "remain in a stupor" to be certain you are wrong about everything.

I also don't think you're "having fun". Your posts smack of desperation and knowing you are outclassed in intellect by the likes of me- "trailer park trash" - and nearly everyone else participating in these blogs. At least you're smarter than ambturd.   I have fun watching you squirm and resort to insults instead of posting anything of substance...certainly no facts.
Mikey, everything that you post is gibberish. LETHARGIC check the threads and you will see who started using the word SAD, it wasn't TRUMPSKY silly rabbit. SAD:<
I suppose intelligent writing could be considered "gibberish" to a functional illiterate such as yourself, sleezy.

I'll try to dumb it down for you in the future, but no promises.

Right on Lil'dummy, that's why you dimwits keep losing every time because you are so smart and "enlightened", LOL. We love how smart and enlightened you and your pals are as it enables us to keep on winning! Winning so much that it almost seems unfair! And here's hoping that senile Nancy and cryin' Chuck are allowed keep their jobs! Poor Nancy thinks George Bush is still President, LOL. Full speed ahead to make America Great Again! Draining the swamp and reclaiming the country from the beady eyed demon-rats will be the prioritized order of business for the next 8 years.
MIKEY, you and the dirty cop are two of a kind. You both are extremely ignorance and jealous. KKKAL you need to be more original. Use your own thoughts to comment. You two are so shallow and obtuse. SAD:<
Lil'dummy loves throwing around the word "gibberish". It is a very convenient word for Lil'dummy since anything more advanced than 4th grade writing skills he considers to be "gibberish". I don't imagine we have too many 4th graders posting here. This presents a problem for us "silly wabbits" that are up to the challenge of trying to communicate with Lil'dummy without benefit of having a children's coloring book on hand to help keep him entertained with pictures while trying to impart intelligent information that would be useful in terms of developing every day walking around sense (common sense) and breaking self-defeating patterns of thinking that later lead to self-destructive habits and behaviors.
Jealous? Of you? You're outta your rabid-ass mind.   Just what is "extremely ignorance"? Yeah, I am ignorant of many things; for example, I don't know much about nuclear physics or astronomy and I never was too good at botany - trying to keep all the taxonomy correct, you see. (or most likely don't)

At least I'm an astute observer of politics and fair about it...neither of which would describe you. Why, I'm even much better at insults than you are, but I'm not particularly proud of it. It's akin to beating a five year old at Trivial Pursuit, after all.

What's really funny is that you think "Mikey" is an insult. The people who love me call me that, so...maybe you and ambturd are just sweet on me? I can understand that.   

Last of all - you really need to lay down the crack pipe.
I iz extremely ignorance, LOL
MIKEY and KKKAL, it very obvious that you two are not as educated as me. You two are so shallow. You never contribute anything of substance to the subject at hand, instead you act like butt-head antagonists to anyone that does not agree with you. Everything that you post is bigoted and self-serving gibberish. You talk loud, but you say nothing. SAD:<
"GIBBERISH", lol, please stop making me laugh so hard; coffee shot out of my nose, need a napkin!
And, yes, you iz correct Lil'dummy; it is indeed veeery evident that you iz far more edumucated than I iz, LOL
@Speedy, they will never admit they screwed up, even in the end when Trump fails. NEVER NEVER NEVER....Pubs never admit to anything because their little pride won't allow them too. They'll just blame it on dems. Never fails. Just read Konane's titles to her blogs. They try so hard to dig the bottom of the barrel for any little grain of anything. And when they can't find anything, they just make twist some crap around .
This is all just too funny! Let's break it down real quick. So, Trump has Comey over for dinner and decides to try his hand at smoothing things over regarding Flynn. Trump strategically tells Kushner and Sessions to leave the room but, why? These are Trump's top guys, and, it would seem that he'd want witnesses to back up what's being said. Obviously, he didn't want either of those guys knowing what he was about to do, and most of all, he wanted no OFFICIAL RECORD OF IT. *Kushner and Sessions would've been put in a position where they'd have to lie while, simultaneously, there's supposedly a recording system which would've actually verified EVERYTHING said in that meeting.

Trump threw in the whole tapes deal for one reason, to try and throw Comey off. Now that Trump sees that all the real pressure is on him and his posse to produce proof, he's backing off. As usual, Trump made another dumb move via Twitter by even suggesting tapes only to return to that same vomit with now saying he has no idea if any such tapes of Comey exist. Just dumb. I'd think Trump would want to know he has proof beforehand to substantiate his argument rather than to actually BS himself with trying to scare Comey. Right now, everyone still hopes there are tapes because they're subject to government record keeping and compliance...which Trump knows...which is why there are no tapes.

Trump has his Guardians of the Galaxy on full lock down with low information.
Now you're just copying parts of my own posts to you, sleezy. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I've heard.   I DO think you're sweet on me! Sorry, but you aren't my type.

"Little pride", ambturd? I think your turban is wrapped too tightly. Shouldn't you say "massive pride"? I can overcome a "little pride" and do all the time when dealing with decent human beings...which lets you two out.

"...allow them too." You, like sleezy, both need to get a rebate on your basic grade school education because whatever school you attended, they failed you miserably.

"...dig the bottom of the barrel..." Yes, we do, but we don't like it...we have to because that's where you progressives reside. We, the cream, your intellectual superiors, float to the top.

Once again, you need to remember: TRUMP IS YOUR DADDY! He just leaves the spanking to folks like me 'n KAL .
MIKEY, you'll just trailer trash who don't know who his mammy is. SAB
You're - this is for the spelling police. I could care less about all of your grammatical errors as long as I know what you are saying. SAD:<
LuckyLiar, you should get a job at one of the fake news organizations. You excel at bloviation for purposes of intentional obfuscation and distraction, as well as in tin foil hat interpretation of random fragments of misinformation and leftist propaganda that you hear the mental midget Don Lemon spewing out over the Communist News Network. "Breaking it down" like you always do with your ludicrous and preposterous scenarios of Republican collusion, obstruction, money laundering, etc. Get over it already. President Trump is here to stay unless one of your pals with Trump Derangement Syndrome get him first.
KKkAL, no one is impressed with your butchering of the English language and improper use of words. It makes you look and sound like a profound IDIOT. The only one you are impressing is yourself. We both know that your educational background is limited and your intellect is at a high school level. SAD:<
And we know Lilleazy you claim you are a teacher but IF you were one, you are an EX teacher and a lousy one at that. The only idiot is you. You think that speaking about the English language proves your superior intelligence? You cant post anything original, have to copy President Trumps tweets SAD :< Sad is right you are one sorry excuse for a so called teacher, you arrogant, racist pos.
More "GIBBERISH" you were unable to process, Lil'dummy? LOL, sorry; I will see if Google has an on-line intelligent to dumbed down translator next time.
LEETHARGIC, your limited education is very apparent. Your ignorant redundant posts exposes you. KKKAL, is just a forgotten corrupt cop mad with the world. SAD:<
The crooked ex-cop is showing his true colors little by little. First he threatens with violence in another blog, and now his racist behavior is showing with the Turban remark. I'm glad the truth is coming out, keep up the good work, you're doing the work for me. Like I've said a hundred times, Pubs are nothing but racist, violent, and bigots.
Is that all you got LilSleazy using my old posts? What retired old ex teacher sits on a message board insulting others all day? You students should see you now. I bet you only taught kindergarten, doesn't take much to teach and entertain them, good thing because they would have to repeat classes.
Amber go back to sleep.
Go back to sleep?

What you should do is WAKE UP!...Look in the mirror and realize what a mistake you made voting for this Fascist Dictator. Splash some cold water on your face so maybe you can see the light. I doubt it though, you're too brainwashed by now.
LETHARGIC, no one wants to use your illogical posts. You are the only one that understands what you write. DAB
LETHARGIC, no one wants to use your illogical posts. You are the only one that understands what you write. DAB
I'm going to play my numbers, but I'll be back.
Anything else? Side note, nobody cares what you do.
The biggest bullies are the biggest crybabies.
LETHARGIC, no bully here, just a black man that don't take any sh1t fool.
Bully, racist, lying woman hating piece of garbage with hatred in his heart. I am not the fool, look in the mirror, your gene pool could use some chlorine.
HEEEERE LETHARGIC, take a look at your wrinkled spotted face, ugh!
Freaky Amberina, do you realize how utterly stupid you sound using the words "Fascist Dictator" to describe President Trump? Words having meaning, they're not just something to parrot because you were watching the Communist News Network saw some black masked punk agitator throwing rocks at police and yelling about"Fascism". It's obvious you have not the slightest idea what the words mean. Go look them up before you go getting effed up on molly again. Donald Trump is the polar opposite of a "Fascist'. The Fascist Dictator that you have worshiped (and continue to have twisted perverted fantasies about) was deposed in November and left the White House in January. This is the dawn of a new era; get used to you perverted zombified freakazoid.
lil*poopy you are not a black man you are a black stain on society.
lil*poopy my bad, sorry, sh1t stain on society.
JARASAN, more man than you'll ever be pervert. WUSS
Lil'dummy, you are incapable of recognizing improper use of words or grammar due to extremely limited intelligence. As earlier pointed out, any post made in written language beyond the level of a 4th grader is "GIBBERISH" to you, and therefore becomes an exercise in futility trying to reason with you. Your contention has always been, and always will be: "Don't confuse me with the facts, I've already got my mind made up". Your avatar is very appropriate as you are a little insignificant man condemned to a self-imposed life sentence locked away in a secret prison cell that exists only within the recesses of your own puny brain, frantically running around and around the confines of the claustrophobic and inescapable walls, in a perpetual state of fear, anxiety and borderline lunacy, somewhat similar to the plight of a trapped roach unable to find a way out of the baited box under the kitchen sink. Many posters have offered you a way to escape your locked cell and carry on with a normal life, but you refuse to accept the key. Can I get a "SAD" please?
oops, forgot to use dumbed down translator, my bad!
Hey, amber, I totally agree with your assessment of how when 'we' post our own opinions around here wile not citing any names, we're still labeled as 'trolls.' In fact, I was the first to actually address this issue some years ago as I was attacked repeatedly for simply posting what I thought about a given article. Fast forward to comment #26 here which is yours truly. No names mentioned, not even an attack 'in general' but simply my opinion. Our friend Kalo35's skin is so ultra-thin condom thin in #30 that he just couldn't help but to lay in on me without just cause. Think about that for just a second. Now, who are the REAL TROLLS around here? Just read what he said very carefully towards the end of his post. He, and the rest of those like him, would rather contest intercepted phone calls and data from seven-teen intelligence agencies regarding what Russia was doing in live time than to hold Russia accountable for what it done.

In fact, they've now confirmed Putin on record with authorizing this whole operation. How did we get to a point where 'supposedly pro-American citizens' are now basically siding with Russian efforts to disregard our process? Through Trump, that's how. *I can guarantee one thing, if this were the other way around and it was a Democrat in the White House under these same circumstances, they would actually double down on how guilty the Democrat is and be in full support of these same seven-teen agencies. Further more, CNN, WaPo, The NYTimes, HuffPo, and all of them would be 'spot on' in terms of how accurately they're reporting on the Democrat. This let's us all know how much less they could care about facts.
Not thin-skinned at all, Lucky Liar, just fed up with the incessant and irrational fixation on the Trump administrations' imaginary Russian 'coluuusion", obstruction, witness tampering, etc. You are a masterful bloviator but I see right through your smokescreens and attempts at obfuscation and distraction. You guys turn out to be wrong about every single wild scenario that you fabricate and Trump keeps on being right and winning. Every time. In case you missed the memo, your side needs to come up with a new strategy because what you're doing isn't working. But thanks to all finger pointing and wild accusations, it is becoming more and more evident that the sneaky Kenyan snake in a suit was the one who became aware of possible Russian interference and tried to cover it up as to not adversely affect Crooked Hillary's chances of being elected. That was a huge miscalculation and and I see prison sentences for several of the demon-rat accomplices.
Lucky Liar, do you also agree with Freaky Amber's assessment of Donald Trump being a "Fascist Dictator" ?
KKKAL is just a crooked cop from Albany. He was so use to using his badge to harass and bully people of color until it's hard for him to adjust to civilian life. The mentality he exhibited as a racist cop in Albany will not fly now.
Buzz off lil'dummy, I've had about enough of you and your non-stop race baiting taunts for one day. I'm trying to have a conversation now with somebody that obviously has more than a 4th grade education.
F- you and the horse you rode in on. I was minding my own business until you creeps decided to bring me in your nonsense.
Lil'dummy, my sensibilities are shocked! That was such a rude thing to say, learn some manners please!
KKKAL, we have the rest of the night to go back and forth. Just remember, you're the antagonist.
My horse never did you any wrong; is it really necessary to drag my trusty steed into the affray?
KKKAL, I see that you specialize in the absurd. SAD:<
Lil'dummy, I'm still waiting on the obligatory "SAD" refrain in response to post #49 above, don't disappoint me now. How did you like my analysis of your avatar as it correlates to your rapidly deteriorating state of mental health?
Mental overload. No response from the little man trapped inside the box.
Must be the end of this chapter. Lil'dummy gets brain freeze when asked to provide a response that requires actual thought.
Don't worry KKKAL, I'm still here to entertain myself with a creepy cop.
I have no doubt you are "entertaining yourself" while looking at pictures of the hot Tranny Moochelle, but I'll have no part in it! You're on your own with those sick and perverted fantasies. Make sure the door is locked in case Ms. Speedy Gonzalez should unexpectedly enter the room and whack you over the head when she sees your twisted manner of entertainment.
KKKAL, that's what your twisted and perverted mind is thinking about. You're the one talking about it creepy cop.
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