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Friday, June 16, 2017


Dems ask themselves: Has their rhetoric gone too far?

They were light years over the line of sensibility during the Bush years and have only gotten more rabid since the election. They need to do some serious self reflection.
I never thought they had the common sense to ask themselves a question such as that? It seems that if you ask yourself that type of question, you need (some type) of compassion, as to which they have NONE.!
Seems that it all depends on where you stand, doesn't it???
I think the democrat leadership should condemn the riots, violence, etc., then get a real agenda to put forth to the American people, instead of continuous obstruction and demonizing of the repubic policies.
Well, as expected, there's still a serious disconnect from reality and truth. Dems do not promote the idea of violence within their values and platform for obtaining change. The only difference between this TERRORIST shooting Republicans and those Republican constituents who called Al Green with grave and imminent death threats is that this TERRORIST acted. I didn't see anyone taking quite the stand against Trump supporters leaving death threats to him at all. Know why? Because both those who did the threatening and those who condoned it do not possess the ability to discern right from wrong when it comes to their Trump. But, they have much to say when it comes to this Bernie supporter, a TERRORIST, who took it too far with his protesting of the Trump Admin and those corresponding Republicans. Thank the Good Lord he didn't like Hillary either as this would've reignited a still smoldering fire.

You know, everything with Republicans seems to be 'trickle down' related. If we take food stamps for example, there are more whites than blacks receiving food stamps so what Republicans do next is seek to analyze what percentage of those whites are liberals. Let's look at violence. Whites are by far and factually responsible for the bulk of mass shootings for decades so, the same thing applies here...Republicans want to assign blame based on party affiliation.

But, here's where I take serious issue with both parties. How is it that if a Muslim takes an assault rifle and kills multiple people, or, even just one that they are by default a TERRORIST? Oh, but when a white male Christian, Mexican, or Black does the exact same thing they're dubbed a 'nut job', 'extremist', etc. Now, we're talking about the same exact crime, motive, weapon, social media content, and train of thought. Somebody knows where I'm coming from on this and has no choice but to acknowledge and agree. All are murderers by default but, the parties seem to use this terrorist category explicitly for those of Muslim descent...which is dead wrong. This is why I'm calling the ballpark shooter a terrorist.

This man actually lived in D.C. but, he packed up and moved to Virginia and began casing the ballpark while living out of a van. It's reported that he'd just show up and nothing about him seemed to fit into the general scenario of things (ad lib). Just like a terrorist, his actions were premeditated in that he was going to mass kill people...which makes him a terrorist as well. If you think those men weren't terrorized by all those rounds suddenly ringing out of nowhere, you're crazy. Yet, and still, the word terrorist has not been applied to this man. Further more the guy who killed (5) people in Orlando, who's also a veteran, is also a terrorist. Yes, he is. They talked so bad about the Dallas shooter in that BLM march because he was black but, he was also a veteran...and a loaner.

Trickle down blame assignment. When a Democrat does the same type wrong as a Republican has done, the Republicans lambaste that Dem. When A Republican does it, they make excuses and give them a pass of some sort. In turn, the Democrats tend to try and justify getting away with doing the same thing on purpose. This is a vicious cycle which I honestly see no end to, and, people like myself that actually assess it honestly seem to be consistent with truly independent views. What about when Gianforte body slammed that reporter when that reporter hadn't even touched him? Violence.

FWIW, here's a primer on who actually started all the violence RHETORIC of which so many people tend to ignore:

I really hope that people will really start engaging in substantive dialogue about this and many more issues while trying to foster peaceful solutions.
With exception of the last (8) words, I completely agree with Post #4. Both parties will use obstruction and demonizing to corral their base but, a positive agenda will work much better.
LL, most repubs have amnesia when it comes to their repugnant behavior during the Obama's presidency. What Trump is going through can't compare to what Obama went through for 8 years by repubs. It's going to take a while before most dems forget about the behavior that was AND IS DEMONSTRATED BY SOME REPUBS.
The leftist pawns are the only ones assaulting, rioting, and burning stuff, the democrats need to corral the paid soros agitated dim wits and get them civil again, if they do it, everyone else will calm the room. The media should also stop making stuff up on both sides.

There may have been repugnant behavior but there were no riots, assassination attempts, or any type of misdirected violence.
Truth talks, BS Walks.!
MD-both of the trolls are well aware of those facts but refuse to acknowledge the truth.
MADMAN and CARBO both of you are repugnant and are sorry hypocrites. Both of you are in a fog and is dense. SAD:<
So much for Trumpies not violent.

Pro-Trump protesters disrupt NYC's 'Julius Caesar;' 1 arrested

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