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Monday, June 26, 2017


A Brief History of Fake News

FOX is fake everything
Freaky Amber gets his news from Rachel Madcow and Communist News Network, Lol
Kalo, I bet sometime down the road, you're going to accuse me of starting fights with you, so I'm going to archive your responses so that I can show you how wrong you are.

Go ahead, bring it on. And you get your sources from the worst bunch of morons on Fox. A bunch of right wing losers who don't have a clue, like you and the rest of the muppets here on LP.
Fake news is NYT, WAPO, HUFFPO, SALON, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, AJC, LATIMES, and they still lose. The American people are on to the propaganda goebblesish style machine of the left. As the great Rodger Daltrey wrote and sang in that lovely ballad of youthful revolution applies today to the oppressed American principles of freedom and liberty......"we won't get fooled again, no no no".
Right; absolutely correct you are Freaky Amber! And Rachel Madcow represents top notch unbiased, fair and professional reporting, LOL! Madcow and your CNN punk boy Don Lemon wrote the book on fake news. They are both all about lies, misinformation, distraction, democrat propaganda, incitement of street level violence, insurrection, resistance, character assassination, obstruction, obfuscation etc. You are much appreciated and very useful to the agenda of the fake news media outlets as they rely on the gullible low information crowd to stay in business. Lemon could report that President Trump was being investigated by Capital Police for suspicion of shoplifting bubblegum from the 7-11 Corner Store and that an arrest was imminent. The fake news would make you so deliriously happy and pleased that you would soon be on here with another one of your childish "YAY" posts, having swallowed it all; hook, line and sinker! You actually believe that Maxine 'Murky' Waters is going to get President Trump impeached because you heard the looney tunes madcow say so on MSLSD, Lol, please stop; too much laughing! You stated that personnel at Fox News are "a bunch of right wing losers that don't have a clue". By your reasoning then, I guess that's why we (the likewise clueless right wing deplorables) have the mandate to govern and will be calling the shots for the next 7.5 years while you enlightened left wing geniuses can't do anything right except lose! That's one thing at which your side does excel. Losing. All you guys do is lose, lose and lose some more. LOL, yet another brilliant political analysis from Freaky Amber! You may even be qualified to work at MSLSD! But seriously, Freaky Amber, keep the faith; I bet Murky Waters really does have the goods on President Trump this time, LOL
Paragraph=MAD...ha ha. Fox is garbage and you know it. Just look at some of those people's faces, they look ghoulish.
Great post Freaky Amber. YAY!
As far as mainstream media networks, FOX News is really the only choice for fair and balanced reporting. But if you really want to learn what's going in the political arena these days, you need to listen to Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity and Chris Plante. Then you have all the bases covered and won't be snookered into buying into any of the fake liberal claptrap floating around out there in the cesspool. Not you Freaky Amber; you're not qualified to hang with these guys, but I really do wish you would call Michael Savage one day while I'm listening, Lol
Yeah right, those goofballs are worst than Fox. Especially Michael Savage. Now I know you're a certified moron for listening to them. Geeesh, you would have been betetr off not listing those losers, now your credibility has sunk lower than low.
If you ever did get up the nerve to call Dr. Savage and start spouting off about Donald Trump aka "The Fascist Dictator", Savage would verbally rip you to shreds in no time flat. You would be cowering and quivering in the corner, crying for Mommy like the delicate little snowflake pansy that you are. Dr. Savage is heard by 10 million listeners nationwide every week on the Michael Savage Show. Dr. Savage was instrumental in getting Donald Trump elected and is the author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller "Trump's War: His Battle for America". I would send you a copy, but too bad you don't like reading entire paragraphs, especially if the information conveyed to the reader is accurate, relevant, useful and truthful. Dr. Savage has master's degrees from the University of Hawaii in medical botany and medical anthropology and holds a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley in nutritional ethnomedicine. Dr. Savage has authored 25 books, including 4 political books that made the New York Times Bestseller list. Sounds like a real goofball alright. What are your credentials, Freaky Amber? How many books have you written, Freaky Amber? And what is your estimated weekly audience, Freaky Amber? As best as I can ascertain, your estimated weekly audience on LP is 3, that's all! LOL
I know all about Savage. I used to listen to him one in a while because he is funny sometimes, but over the years he's gone nuts like you. I don't give a crap about how many books he sold or all his other accomplishments, he does his schtick to get ratings, that's all.

Just look at Trump and all his shenanigans to get rich, and he's a total douche. So much for credentials..pfffft.

He's banned in England, so that speaks volumes.

You people are funny. You try so hard and fail miserably with the examples you show concerning credibility. It's like quicksand, the harder your try to pull yourselves out, the more you get sucked down...SUCKERS!!...Keep feeding yourselves all the Bullsh1t you want to make you happy, I can't fool myself like that.

I bet the next response will be a paragraph the size of Mount McKinley!...So easy to get you riled up !..ha
Right on Freaky Amber! That why we keep winning and you poor little snowflakes keep losing because we're such suckers! Another brilliant and well thought out analysis. Go think about that for a moment. But by all means, please do keep on getting your daily dose of fake news from MSLSD and the Communist News Network so you can keep the rest of us entertained, LOL
You call having a bunch of right wing Fascist Nazis who are brainwashed A-holes in office winning?....Keep telling that to
Freaky Amber, you are a sick, deranged person that should not have access to the internet. You need to be institutionalized before you totally wig out and cause people to get hurt or killed. I sincerely hope that you do not have access to weapons. Your state of mental health would preclude you from being able to legally purchase a firearm, but I strongly suspect and fear by the tone of your totally unhinged rhetoric that you will be the next dimwit democrat to shoot up a gathering of Republicans at a Trump rally in Florida. I'll be keeping a close eye on things in Florida. I have numerous law enforcement contacts in Florida. I don't care what Maxine 'Murky' Waters tell you to do, you better not.
amberjack relocated to the left coast. Florida has one less amberjack. a few years back a fisherman was near the Chesapeake Bay Bridge near Annapolis and caught a frinking amberjack! It was a freak catch.........then another freaky amberjack showed up on LP.!!!!! Then one showed up in Cali! Crazy amberjacks are everywhere!
Tell your numerous fellow retarded and crooked cops to eff themselves. BTW, Mr. know-it-all, I live in California now you dumbass.

Anyone who is dangerous is you gun toting maniacs who are trigger happy. You are the biggest LOSER on this site. While you're at it, if you have a gun, stick it up your ass and pull the trigger please.
LOL, thanks for the amberjack update, Jarasan! Next thing you know they'll decide they're not happy in salt water and start working their way up into Georgia from north Florida via Lake Seminole at the Apalachicola River's northern confluence with the Chattahoochee and Flint Rivers. I might be able to catch one at the Flint River Georgia Power dam in Albany!
Freaky Amberjack may very well be one of Maxine 'Murky' Waters' constituents in California's 43rd congressional district. That would answer my question on another blog as to what sort of idiot would vote her into office to begin with. DUH!
kalo and jarash1t, the LOSER twins.
Did I just detect the distinct odor of burnt amberjack? Simmer down Freaky Amber! You're getting a little too hot under the collar. No need getting apoplectic and blowing a gasket. Just relax and enjoy the present good company of LP associates and colleagues. We're here to see that you get the help that you need.
jarasan can cook! Can't find amberjack around these parts gotta go south and east into the Gulf stream, or take a trip to SC GA. FLA where amberjack is in the cases and menus. They did a decent cajuned up fried amberjack filet sandwich of all places HOOOTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! near Stone Mountain down Memorial Hwy.
The only help I need is to win a billion bucks so I can get my own Island and never have to go back and forth with you and your sidekick.
Just busted open a new bottle of Jim Beam and getting my pipe full with Cali weed...yum !
Typical brain-dead 43rd District pothead. No further commentary necessary.
I beg to differ. I also play a mean effing guitar lick buddy. It's like I'm all that !
Kalo, you wanna learn how to play guitar like an 80's has-been? Love that era.
Can you play Holy Wars (The Punishment Due) Megadeth opening riff?
That's a tough one, but if so, you there may be hope for you yet. Savage is also a fan of Megadeth and Metallica. He's been playing 'Shortest Straw" a lot recently on his show recently (as correlated to President Trump's opposition) James Hetfield and Dave Mustaine are both pro-Tump.
Yes, If I do my homework Kalo.
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