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Sunday, May 21, 2017


The Underreported Success of the Trump Presidency

Does anyone think they will be by the attack media? I have seen more than one comment by tv pundits on how Trump is being attacked the most by the attack media more than any other President in history.
I'm really not sure about where you ( David Prentice), the contributor of this article, is viewing our politics from but the things he's categorizing in 'The Underreported' portion in this article are absolutely nothing new. Um, Obama completely owns the deportation record which includes these same law enforcement entities, sir. The fact that your select media outlets simply chose not to report on it as much as they could for the good of our country doesn't mean it didn't happen, okay. Further more, all things foreign policy-wise that you mention are things that Obama had already implemented and are supported by our allies...especially the Iran Nuclear Deal. If Trump were to side step any single portion of this deal after Iran has already proven to be in full current compliance, then WE would be the one's looked upon as not able to be trusted. Why do you fail to properly educate your readers on these critical issues? Let's talk Obamacare. How on earth can you even imagine that what took two years to brainstorm would only require a couple of weeks to successfully undo and replace the way Trump conveyed it? Ain't gonna happen, my man, and it's mostly REPUBLICANS that are standing in strong opposition to completely doing away with this law.

You want use Democrats to drive your point(s) when it's Republicans that are your real problem...and for good reason. It was Republican lawmakers and conservative voters that actually shot Trump's bills down but, you're too afraid and chicken$hit to call it what it really is. You're a sorry azz excuse for a blogger, David...seriously. Do you not know that if you and all those like you were to at least try and call this presidency for what it really is, liberals/Democrats would meet you half way in an effort to make Trump better? Naaah, you can't see that at all. You know, David, you actually forgot to include one major underreported Trump success in your jacked up article contribution which is the unemployment-jobs report. Yeah, see, just a couple or so months prior to Trump's inauguration, he called the jobs added-unemployment rate a 'hoax' and said that it was probably close to as much as 42%!! Well, okay. The BLS was using the same math they used to calculate Bush's performance and there was no argument at all but, when it came to Obama, all hell broke loose. Rush Limbaugh stressed on how the 'wrong' numbers were being used and that it was actually higher.

As I said before, if Trump somehow magically dropped this number from even the 28% he mentioned in just a couple of months, THAT would really be something to toss around and brag about!!!! Hell, Sean Spicey made a complete azz of both himself and the Trump cult when he said:

-Spicer claims that jobs numbers ‘may have been phony’ before, but now they’re ‘very real’-

Please excuse my language but, you're some pathetically dumb and accepting phuckers for not calling out Kelly Ann, Trump, Spicer, and anyone else on this issue. Read this very carefully: being an astute and politically involved individual means being able to extend due credit to your opposition at critical times...and you all failed miserably here. The Trump Admin had actually done nothing outside of brokering a Carrier jobs deal which affected nothing numbers-wise. In addition, all the other stuff that Trump took credit for on job creation plans had already been negotiated and conveyed via PRESS RELEASE UNDER THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION. All Trump did was go to these people and simply get the details of what they were already implementing...that's it. He then took credit for something he never had any involvement in. What's worse is that you all took the bait out of desperation. I have every single press release on the jobs plans which Trump mentioned and he's a fraud which I'm certain you must know by now.

The more that you show how much you're willing to lie and hate on Democrats like this, the more we know we're doing something right. You all say that there's no 'there there' regarding the Russian probe but, even your own hardcore Republicans know and see something different. There have only been two American presidents impeached and we honestly don't like the idea of having to do this to Trump but, it is what it is when we cannot find common grounds with our opposition. FWIW, Trump is very successful at generating ratings and causing diversion(s) from what is obviously something that will indict him. Trump is a very good showman. Get your $hit together and tell your followers to stop 'SPITTING' on us and to try talking to us in honesty for a change.
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