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Saturday, May 13, 2017


James Comey willing to testify but only in public

Brrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuhahahahahahahahahahahah. REALLY?   LMAO.
Wow. For a hot minute, my black @ss thought I was seeing things and that it was actually JAP69 locking in the first commentary with his 'signature' remark. Surprise, surprise!! Plagiarism at its best here, y'all. Anyhow, we smart folks would neither expect nor accept any less from Comey on this particular matter, you know. I mean, he's basically saying that he has absolutely nothing to hide, and, BRING ON THOSE [email protected] NON-EXISTING TAPES!!! Hell, Comey has already told Trump in the past when he asked Comey about this investigation that, quote, " Sir, I cannot discuss this investigation with you, and, you wouldn't want me to." Speaks volumes. Trump outright lied on that letter he wrote to Comey about being told three times that he wasn't being investigated.

People that are holding, grasping, clasping, clenching, seizing, and agreeing that there's nothing to this Russian probe are going to be the laughing stock of traitors and treasonous people to ever walk this planet. The reason why is because deep down, they honestly know that Trump is really, really into some seriously bad business...and has been. Every single 'hardcore' Trump supporter I've witnessed being interviewed follows the same basic line of response with, "Yeah, I don't believe there's anything to the Russian deal. It's just the media putting lots of fake news out there and the Democrats are still mad over losing the election." Trump's mouth piece all the way just like Putin's mouth piece is through Trump's all the way. Just as I said a long time ago, Putin is handily winning through a sophisticated and modern approach to 'divide and conquer' but, only with hardcore Trump supporters and Republicans willing to discount the truth.

Also, I nailed how Trump was in complete lockstep with Richard Nixon's style of doing things. In fact, the last time I commented on an entry produced by The Hill, I was dead on and we can now see how things have shifted and developed for the worse.

Hmmmm, I wonder why my friend here opted to not comment on the entry in the link I just posted? I mean, it's also from The Hill.
If Obama had any balls, he would have fired Comey in July. If the email investigation would have involved anyone else but Hillary, charges would have been filed. No one should get away with sharing classified information with unauthorized personnel, NO ONE!!!
I wish General Powell would step up to the plate and give his opinion about unauthorized people sharing classified information.
Look, cut all the BS, okay. You folks were all on board with Comey when it came down to him ripping Hillary apart. Then, when he re-opened the investigation just before the election, again, you all went crazy hoping Comey would find something and indict. No mention of firing Comey from not one of you at thst time.

Bonafide hypocrites.
Loser, no one should ever be allowed and that includes Blacks, Whites, any color you can think of, should be allowed to distribute, talked about Classified information with anyone not cleared. When did Comey rip Hillary apart. He made excuses that she wasn't aware she was breaking the law. If she is that stupid , she should never have been Secretary of State. If you or I or anyone else passed classified information around. We would be sitting in Ft Leavenworth Prison.
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