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Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Sheriff David Clarke Deeply Unpopular Has No Path To Victory

What a BS story and so called polls. I support Sheriff Clarke and he has more common sense that those who were polled. It is my hope he gets a position in Trumps administration. What a stand up guy.
Sheriff Clark is a useless buffoon that suffers from Wyatt Earp Syndrome.
Well, well what a shocker coming from the likes of you.
LETHARGIC, you're just a dumb broad. I say your name when I'm addressing you. Where is your name on #2? That is why I have little respect for you.
Whatever you say Lilsleazy, any woman is a dumb broad according to you. I have yet to see you be civil with any female, you vile pos. Wow, do I care if you have respect for me?   News flash, not on your life. Why do I respond? As long as you continue to attack me I will RESPOND IN KIND you rodent.
lil*poopy STFU assho1e.
LETHARGIC, no other females attacked me but you and the other females on LP. But what you fail to mention is that I never say anything negative unless it is said to me directly or indirectly. Calling me Lilsleazy will not elicit a positive response from me BITCH. I can keep this up forever-I have nothing but time.
JARASAN is a PERVERT. He has an alternative life style. He can't help how he acts. All one has to do is look at comments 6 and 7. Those comments are written by a deranged pervert.
Now that makes a lot of sense. No other females but me and other females on LP. Well where else would I be speaking dumbass? How convenient you forget you threw the first bunch. Anybody that disagrees with you is the object of your ire, especially if it is a strong woman. Aint that right lilsleazy? You are a lying coward. Let me reiterate, you are a liar and delusional.
Is there no end to your attacks on people you POS. Coward, vile, pig, vulgar, racist, lying lard ass SLEAZY JERK.
LETHARGIC, let me break it down where even you can comprehend. I only write on my blog and Truesee's blog. I always have. The women that attacked me, attacked me on truesee's blog. There were other women that use to blog on truesee, but some of you were so mean to them until they stopped blogging on Truesee. Many of you tried to run me away, but couldn't, because the more you attacked me the stronger I got. Everything that can be said about me has already been said, so nothing you can say to me will hurt my feelings. You can amuse yourself as long as you can hang. But I will keep this up as long as you respond to me in a negative way.
I have nothing positive to say to or about you, so have at it. Yea, your blog that nobody posts on, why is that? BECAUSE YOU ARE A LYING PHONEY.

Takes a lot of time calling women a bitch and posting, eh son? Bet the little lady is happy you arent around.
LETHARGIC, your husband is happy I'm keeping you here, that way he will be sleep when you go to bed and he won't have to look at your disgusting face.
lil*poopy is blocked on 99% of the blogs because of his lil*poopy rodent style. Let me remind you lil*poopy that you are also fraud and a caitiff.
Lil Sleazy no need to worry about my husband but maybe you need to find yourself a woman although I highly doubt you can you racist, vile, lying, lard ass bigot.
LETHARGIC, unlike you, I have been happily married to the same women for 44 years. She is educated and a retired teacher also. Now go ahead and waste your time trying to say it's not so, but it is, what it is. SMHLMAO
JARASAN, why are you so concerned about who has me blocked? The only blog I ever wrote on was ridge's. When I kicked his azz on his blog, he blocked me. So I blocked everyone that came on my blog to attack me only. Ridge came on truesee with the same BS and I kicked his azz again. I saw him run a lot of people away with his racist rants...while you and others worshipped him and joined in the fray. He's gone and I don't miss his mountain man azz.
lil*poopy poopy style is blocked on 99.9% of all blogs because you are a flaming a$$hole, as far as your poopy rant on Ridge you once again are only great in your paramecium sized brain and are writing poopy style fake history.

JARASAN I wore out ridge's azz. You don't have to take my word, check back in the threads from his last days on LP. I also have them blocked. But your math as usual is off. ?/? = 99%, IDIOT!
Hey SLEAZY you are in la la land if you think you kicked rdgrnr's azz that is the funniest thing I have ever heard in my life. And of course you would say that because RDGRNR is not around otherwise you coward, you would disappear. You have to be the biggest liar I have ever seen. Of course you dont miss him he called you on every one of your lying posts. He ran off no one, quite the opposite, YOU DID with your RACIST, BIGOTED MOUTH that we still experience today. WORE OUT RIDGE'S AZZ???? OMG, that is hysterical, he handed you your lunch you lard ass liar.
lil*poopy poopy style math "?" marks are not typically found in any mathematical expression, maybe poopy math?

Did you enjoy "wearing out ridge's aZZ"? Looks like you be the deviant freakazoid.

It appears though you like being the flaming a$$hole, don't cha?
SLEAZY, you sure are an assuming a*****e, you know nothing about me. Why not take your nasty, obnoxious, poisonous, abbreviations and shove them up your lard azz? You think your abbreviations are funny, you are childish.
LETHARGIC, that's right I kick ridge's drunken mountain azz, your hero. Now back to you. You keep coming back because this is the only attention your ugly azz gets, even if it's negative. Go talk to your husband. SAB
JARASAN, let me help you out. / this sign can be used as a fraction and ratio and proportion. If you paid attention in ELEMENTARY school, instead of acting like the class clown, you would know this.

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