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Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Donald Trump and the Tainted Presidency

Every element of this development is beyond surreal. I'll start with what Fox New's Shepard Smith did, which is what we truth seekers need a lot more of right now. He came right out and gave props to CNN, and, corrected what CNN actually did regarding Buzz Feed's release. All they did was summarize what they read from BF and reported that it was a summary of what was PRESENTED TO DJT. People have further advanced into where when a news outlet reports something they don't like and/or disagree with, they discount any and everything from those outlets. The real problem here is that eventually the outlets they're in full trust to must concede to undeniable truths...those same truths reported by the hated outlets.

Picture that, choosing what truths we want to believe based on if it originates from the right person or place. We have a president-elect that began with, "I hope the Russians do hack and find those 22,000 emails of Hillary's!" Then, when it all began to take shape that the Putin and his government had implement an operation, Trump threw his hands up saying we didn't know if it was Russia or a 400 lb. kid on side of a bed. Deny, deny, deny while discrediting medias he doesn't like, and, our CIA...only to arrive at conceding to them all. Donald is the sole reason why he and his supporters are in the bind they're in. All he had to do is play a mid-hand and leave room for retracting without utter embarrassment. He over played his hand but, it doesn't really matter so much YET.

What's going on right now takes me back to October, 1973 during Richard Nixon's tenure. His administration began putting out so much information and had so much going at all at once that it had the media's heads literally spinning...spin room. The reason why is because the FBI had investigated Nixon's VP, Spiro Agnew, and found him in serious 'error.' They briefed Nixon, showed him the findings and facts, and told Nixon his VP would be forced to step down. It happened, too. Likewise, supporters were in a disarray until it fully hit that the FBI was carrying out the law. All too many times, people forget how history repeats itself, although not always in the exact manner from previous history. Mr. Trump is honestly being given a fair chance to get it right before it's too late but, he's just too smart for that. This game that Putin is playing is actually just between Putin himself, Trump, and Trump's supporters...and Putin is winning...for a reason.

Divide and conquer. In my opinion, Putin is furthering his control of anyone predisposed to discounting anything negative on Trump. They are now the true friends and patriots of this movement and will without any reasonable diligence essentially uphold Putin. This is exactly what Putin does to his own people...they have no voice. This is what Putin does to his medias, they absolutely MUST speak well of him or suffer the consequences. FBI, CIA, ODNI, and the NSA are all about to turn it up a notch and we'll see what Mr. Assange has to say then. His original assertion of being 1,000% sure Russia didn't hack has been obliterated and he's now silent. They're using Assange, too, already knowing he cannot come back to the United States.

It's been asserted that the Kremlin may consider a lawsuit against our country. I wonder where Trump and his supporters will stand if this happens. Like I said, Putin is about to expose the true patriots and traitors of this country. Bet on it.

You failed to mention, since Obama has occupied the WH, he and his administration have done nothing but feed the LIBERAL press fake news and lies. They have ran with that fake news and continue to report it to the people.
       You just can't fix a dysfunctional Liberal(S) who still believes in fairy tales. What happened yesterday was a slap down to CNN for their FAKE NEWS. It didn't interfere with the other media outlets at all. So, as you can plainly see, it's whatever fits the Liberals views that will they respond to.!
LL, this fake news narrative will not fly. So much information is going to be released until the repubs heads will spin around. They will soon have 4 years of denial and defending Trump. How ironic!
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