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Tuesday, September 6, 2016


The ugliest most appalling spectacle in American politics

Who is stopping anyone from obtaining photo ID?
Here we go again with the Washington Post along with their liberal counterparts crying foul about ID laws.
What baffles me is how do individuals with no valid ID get: a job? cash a check? fly? check into a hotel? rent a car? drive any vehicle? purchase alcohol or cigarettes? sign a lease or purchase a home?. These are basic needs every person needs to do in order to function in everyday life.
Are they exempt from showing a valid government issued ID when applying for welfare? don't these folks have any kind of life? I guess you don't need a valid ID if you beg on a street corner, sells illegal drugs, mooch of your friends, squat/reside over a strangers home.

This is the most pathetic issue and these progressive liberals and Democrats keep pushing this agenda.
Yeah and getting into the conventions???? F the washington compost, I gotta show ID and declare party affiliation when I vote in MD. everybody everywhere should show ID.
They do not want any laws that will deter fraud and dead people from voting.
Some people can't comprehend the details in an article, mostly Republicans. The GOP will bring down this nation to it's lowest. Desperation is not a good reason to win.
@ Drenrick1, you obviously don't read much do you? You don't care that some of your party Lawmakers and aides purposely asked about how blacks and Hispanics vote, you're only concerned about getting IDs....Read an excerpt from the article before you make yourself look stupid......EXCERPT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Now, thanks to documents that surfaced in a lawsuit, we have an even clearer and more egregious example of attempted disenfranchisement, this time in North Carolina. As The Post reported, the documents show “that North Carolina GOP leaders launched a meticulous and coordinated effort to deter black voters, who overwhelmingly vote for Democrats.”

The article continued, “The law, created and passed entirely by white legislators, evoked the state’s ugly history of blocking African Americans from voting — practices that had taken a civil rights movement and extensive federal intervention to stop.”..............Post reporter William Wan backed up that tough assertion by quoting from the documents.

In one email, written while the GOP-controlled legislature was crafting what has been called the most onerous voter-ID law in the nation, a staffer asked for a breakdown of the 2008 voter turnout showing whether blacks and whites differed in their preference for early voting. In another email, a Republican lawmaker wanted to know if Hispanic voters tend to vote outside their home precincts. In another, an aide to the House speaker asked for “a breakdown, by race, of those registered voters in your database that do not have a driver’s license number.”

Wan wrote that “months later, the North Carolina legislature passed a law that cut a week of early voting, eliminated out-of-precinct voting and required voters to show specific types of photo ID — restrictions that election board data demonstrated would disproportionately affect African Americans and other minorities.”

Thankfully, a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of the Appeals for the 4th Circuit recognized the legislature’s discriminatory intent and struck down the law. Republican Gov. Pat McCrory tried to appeal, but the Supreme Court refused to stay the lower court’s order — which means the law will not be in effect for this year’s election.
@ amber123 , you can copy and paste all you want from a unbiased media outlet such as the Washington post. It still doesn't mean a thing. Why, you're going to ask, well, putting it mildly if you need an Id for about anything else, then you should have one to Vote, PERIOD.
It doesn't matter if you're Black, White, purple, brown, yellow, or what political party you're affiliated with, you should be able to produce an ID. That shouldn't be that hard to comprehend.
That's right Maddog, just ignore the documents that surfaced in the lawsuit. Typical repubs. Facts don't mean anything to you people.
Amber I do ignore, because the Democrats have been trying the same crap for 20 years. So, don't just say they don't mean anything, when the Democrats acknowledge the truth instead of their Lies, I will start to look closer. Sorry this crap has been done before, try a little history lesson you may just be surprised.
OK Amber, Here's some facts that have surfaced, if you would please let me know which is wrong?
(This is only a small percentage of a much longer list)

Of the two candidates running for president:
Only Hillary Clinton was caught lying to congress.
Only Hillary Clinton was fired from a job for being unethical.
Only Hillary Clinton ordered the deletion of over 30 thousand emails after she was ordered to hand the server containing them over to the Feds.
Only Hillary Clinton got the rapist of a teenage girl off on rape charges and then laughed about it during an interview.
Only Hillary Clinton lied to the American people about Benghazi.
Only Hillary Clinton lied to the American people about her emails.
Only Hillary Clinton lied about being under sniper fire after landing in Bosnia.
Only Hillary Clinton lied about actually lying to the American people.
Only Hillary Clinton was involved in “Cash Cow “
Only Hillary Clinton nationally belittled her husband's sexual harassment (and rape) accusers.
Only Hillary Clinton is a career politician.
Only Hillary Clinton will not release her speeches to Goldman Sachs and other banks.
Only Hillary Clinton is tied to Monsanto.
Only Hillary Clinton was labeled “Extremely careless “about national security by the FBI.
Only Hillary Clinton said she will raise taxes on the middle class. Surprising right? Watch the speech.
Only Hillary Clinton benefited from the DNC rigging an election. Bernie never had a chance.
Only Hillary Clinton had to return stolen items from the White House.
Only Hillary Clinton said the Benghazi victim's parents were lying.
Only Hillary Clinton wants you to vote for her based on her gender.
Only Hillary Clinton has been investigated by the FBI and found to have put national security at risk.
Only Hillary Clinton made congress and others spend millions and millions of tax dollars having hearings and investigating her to find that she lied, that would not have been spent if she would have simply told the truth in the first place! Fact - all facts!
Only Hillary Clinton regularly cussed out and belittled her Secret Service detail.
@amber123, your attempt at trying to make yourself seem like an intelligent liberal Democrat isn't working too well. Using fictitious viewpoints from extremely bias left wing blogs doesn't pass as fact.
Just curious if you answered yes or no to these questions: Do you have a job? Do you own or rent a home/apartment? Do you drive a car? Do you have a bank account? Have you ever been on an airplane? Unless you are still living with your parents I am willing to bet the answer is yes, the 2nd question is did you have to show a valid ID for any of these scenarios?
Silly Pubs. You never address points made, only change the subject. It's a typical response so it's not news to me. I should've known better to point out the facts of the subject at hand. Show me how the documents that surfaced are wrong? Why did I even ask this question? It won't get answered.
Excuse me, would you like some cheese with that whine? I really didn't realize you were so prolific in pointing out how us Repubs are such ingrates. Thanks for pointing that out. By the way have you looked in the mirror lately? I mean have you really taken a hard look at yourself?
Come back and try again with a little more BIAS and we just may actually listen to what you have to say..
A whole bunch of NOTHING.
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