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Monday, July 4, 2016


Fourth of July 2016: What the Founders ask of us

America was doing fine until anti American Liberals got in power.
They destroyed a nation and everything it stands for.
The Constitution is an outdated document. (Barack Obama)
Yup, and they didn't note that Lincoln was a republican and Douglas one of the original demoncRATS.
My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. John F. Kennedy

This statement was relevant then and is relevant now. What have you done to make this country better? Complaining and bitc#ing don't count.
Speedy-What have you done to make this country better?
I served in the military and was a school teacher for 31 years. So I gave of myself to protect this country and taught thousands of children how to be better at mathematics, and constantly encouraged them to never give up on themselves. So, over half of my life have been devoted to service of my country. Now what have you done lately besides complain , make accusations, and belittle?
I retired from the USAF, after serving 20 years. Providing positional data for the ICBM,s in Malmstrom AFB, Warren AFB, Grand Forks AFB to protect this country's defense. I worked at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center positioning the beam guidance components, BPM's, Quads, Bend Magnets, a physics research project for DOE.One of my biggest kicks was being at the University for Gorbachev and President Reagan's appearance. After Stanford, I position the station keeping components on Communication Satellites and when you are relaxing in front of your television watching the weather news, think of me. I gave Senator Goldwater a personal tour of the alignment dock. The satellites that are supplying the data, GOES was my last job, before retirement. Not to bad for a Farmer's son, wouldn't you say??
Carbob we both served in the defense of this country, except most of my service to this country was devoted to help better people's lives through education.
I spent most of my life working to protect people's lives, including yours and LIBERALS alike. The way things are going now, it may turn out to be all for naught. If you haven't noticed, Obama has weaken our military. Nobody respects this country, since he became President.
I don't agree with your assessment of our military. We still have a military second to none. There is nothing wrong with picking our battles. After all, OLD MEN make wars, but YOUNG MEN fight them. I was eighteen when I was drafted.
I was eighteen when I enlisted. You didn't want to be there, I did.
CARBOB, you did not want to go into combat so you went into the Air Force, be real. Nobody wanted Cowardly JARASAN. He like, many others just cheered for friends and neighbors to go fight for their country. He thinks that is being patriotic.
How would you know Snowflake? you never spent anytime overseas with your rederick about others.
Even if you were in the Army, of which I highly doubt, you were somewhere else. I'll even further bet you never got above the rank of Spec 3/4.
If you were there,
Những gì một phần của Việt Nam đã đóng?
Military second to none? are you for real? The Japanese, and Russia have a superior Military then we do.
This is what happens when you are low informed and in a daze. No wonder you voted for Obama, you fit the bill as two peas in a pod. Christ, open your eye's and Look around ...!
MADMAN, you really must be frustrated. You haven't used BIGOT TACTICS in a while. You know they don't work with me, but yet you try. SAD, SAD, SAD
Speedy. have you ever heard of Monkey Mountain??
There were lots of Air Force on the ground doing very dangerous jobs, in Laos. Monkey Mountain had a radar site, outside of Da Nang.
CARBO were you in Vietnam?
Yes, but only as TDY.
Now, guess where it was, hint #18.
Oh, I get it. You were comfortable behind the lines supporting us grunts in the bush huh?
Only a fool would call Da Nang, comfortable behind the lines. You need to search the history of Da Nang.
Now you can quit trying to have the last word?
CARBO, don't try to compare your TDY to my 12 months in Vietnam. If you were not in infantry, STFU. Just say you were there and don't try to add anything to it.
Still trying to have the last word. You got drafted, I can't help that you were not intelligent enough to join the Navy or USAF. Those tests were not that hard. Now you can STFU.
You sure as hell are not brave enough, to be a Marine, or you would have went to Canada.
Everyone knows that fly boys suck. They are not army, navy, or marine material. You volunteered to go to USAF because you were too much of a coward to go any where else. Period.
To assume that you were more intelligent because you chose to go to the Air Force is laughable. The people that were drafted came from all walks of life. Everyone is not fortunate enough to have a non-combat function. Some of us have to be the grunts and foot soldiers to protect conceited people like you. Ignorance is bliss.
Also my oldest brother was a marine. He volunteered at the age of 17 with my parents permission. My daddy was Army. If he had been drafted he would have gone into the Army. I like. many others did not run from my responsibility, I served my country WITH HONOR. So F*ck YOU and the horse you rode in if you are saying the men that fought and died in the Army were less intelligent. You Fu*king IDIOT. You spoiled fly boy P*ssy.
You never admit to anything. Did I say every one in the ARMY was less intelligent, NO. Only you are less intelligent and it shows in every one of your posts. You brag about your Masters Degree. What is the name of the college. We can check the graduation rate, also the school, you taught Mathematics'. There are numerous colleges which graduated Blacks with less than qualifying grades. How many of the Black teachers in Atlanta were caught cheating?
It's obvious when you don't have anything to say. You revert to BIGOT TACTICS. I'm retired with a clean record and numerous awards for my teaching ability. So don't try to evaluate me because you are not qualified.
Awards mean nothing, if they are inflated.
Awards mean a lot when one is recognized by their peers for a job well done. I don't expect it to mean anything to you, you are not an educator. So what you say or think has no merit.
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