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Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Trump Voters Asked: "How Should Hillary Clinton Be Punished?"

thar ain't a punishment that could match the crimes her and her husband have commited
Get those grifters out of politics.
How funny and so ironic, especially after last night's 'Act II Convention' Play. Chris Christie, of all people, conducting a make shift indictment against Hillary when he's in an even worse position regarding his 'Bridgegate Scandal.' Who is this man to attack Hillary on anything when it's PROVEN that he intentionally deleted both texts and emails surrounding all the events that took place? But, that's okay because the trial is set for September and the audacity along with being completely unabashed will come back then. This is pretty much like Trump shaking Pence's hand on his Iraq vote while cutting Hillary's off on national television. It's actually very good if they remain focused on Hillary right now, though. I'll tell why later...

Now, I'm gonna illustrate just how much I really compel folks around here and I've been prepared for this moment for quite some time. Today, when I arrived at the Blogs default page, I just skimmed over the titles of the entries for key words as I always do and was pleasantly gratified. Snopes made the roster, again, for being the go-to place for verification and I know LOTS of Conservative that trust the site. But, the problem here today is that Snopes hasn't conducted a review of the information posted in the entry listed in today's blogs. I won't mention a name because it get's real volatile real fast around here but, just look around and you'll see. Now, I'm never one to let the LP blog readers down and I know people know this by now and I won't disappoint this time either...although Snopes is absent on the matter.

However, after corroborating with my social media guru, I was able to successfully locate what I believe to be the 'core derivative' for the basis of the said entry. Like all the rest of the entries located there, the rendition is old and negatively, politically-motivated in its' objective. I love a challenge, y'all, because when the brain isn't being challenged, it's being wasted. Here's what I have that's relevant to the blog entry and it's on point as well...all the way down to the TITLE and the MEME CHART:

I will rise to the occasion when prompted.

omg, just shut up, you are so dammmmm boring.
Silly if you believe in the 2nd amendment, you should also believe in the 1st amendment. That's what wrong with you thin skin repubs. It's ok when you rant about president Obama, Hillary Clinton, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, BLM, and the poor democrats huh? You repubs are such hypocrites.
I agree speedy ,the republican trump brain drain act superior but the convention shows that the whole party is a bunch of clowns.
never got laid, bored the unlucky partner to sleep.
I don't care what he is talking about, he's boring, ....snore.
Speedy and 'ben, it's all good in the 'hood as always. I'm still Lucky, liberal, still need to get laid, still boring, and most of all OBJECTIVE. Likewise, they both are still continuing to read and absorb my material over and over AFTER having already deemed it as they have. These two are one in the exact same only different in gender...maybe. One of them is Mr. WGAF and the other is Mrs. IDC (I Don't Care.)

I readily admitted that I come here to skim and READ because this is, in fact, a forum...where you read. To find a blogger's comments boring over and over but continue reading them is self explanatory. To attempt to save face face at this point and say they do not actuallyread my commentary but, comment in the way they do would be even far worse. Mission accomplished...I'm batting .500.
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