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Saturday, July 23, 2016


Sen Timothy Kaine Chosen As Hillary Clinton's VP

I think he was a wise choice. He's experienced and is on the same page as Hillary. The are not opposites in ideology like Trump and Pence.
Welcome Kaine and UNABLE....!
Very wise choice. He is not without issue but, they are light years closer on things than Trump/Pence. He did support the Iraq war but, slammed how it was conducted once there and new information surfaced. They will need to oppose the TPP, for sure, to secure more (I) votes because that deal allows other countries to sue us for money they only "think" they could've made. Right now, TransCanada is suing us for $15M based on this which a bunch of BS. Well, here's a preliminary breakdown of them:
Hillary, I swear, he was crushed to death when he tried to climb up the dresser.
Don't leave the county Kaine, she ain't sending help.
OH, quit whining and bitching, why don't cha? Take a valium and calm down SILLY.
See how stupid you are splodeyhead, I was neither bitching or whining, goodness go get a dictionary and learn some words. I was using sardonic humor and sarcasm.
After the republican convention I don't think it will be close. The republican party looked like a bunch of misfits and lunatics. More and more people are on to his bs.

louise black is back!!!!!
Silly you don't have that kind of intelligence. You are one ignorant piece of trash.
il*shiddy wdtfdytya stupid prick faced troll, f'ing wanna be bully, you are nothing but a weak punk loser blowhard. Do everybody a favor and just go away, you contribute nothing here (or anywhere for that matter) , never have and never will. You are a nothing but a stain on society and anything you touch. Just go the fuque away.
JARASAN, you just talk to hear yourself talk. You know and I know that you are a yellow-belly coward that's too afraid to walk in their own neighborhood. So don't try to play tough with me pussy.
Now it's ; Clinton and Co-Kaine.
lil* shiddy I am asking nicely, pleazee go the fuque away, nobody likes you, you are an assho1e, arrogant fraud ignorant sh1thead. Nobody is playing tough, if you were my neighbor, I would just move away, I bet $5, if you do have neighbors they have never gone near your mom's house because you are such a diqueface and a social misfit, you ooze of hate, resentment, and prejudice. Move on, like moveon .org or go to the huffpost or mother jones or the nation, or but just leave. Thanks in advance.
JARASAN you are a bonafide IDIOT. Your thought process is that of a schizoid. Cocaine and Crack are powerful drugs sonny. Just Say No!
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