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Monday, June 13, 2016


Trump Demands President Obama Use the Words 'Radical Islamic Terrorism' Or Resign In Disgrace

Yep, it's the same old angle that the talking heads use every single time a Muslim is involved. They're so infatuated with the president's freedom to use his own terminology in describing things while also still addressing the core of the issue. What in hell do they think this is, an AA meeting where people confess to having an alcohol addiction? They actually have say it a certain way, you know, or it doesn't count in the group's eyes...and this I know.

Trump wants to control the president's tongue as do all the other idiots and he's crying 'cause he cannot do it. Trump was on a CNN phone call this morning and was forced to acknowledge 'home grown' terrorists. He also used the same words to describe this shooting as he did the San Bernardino shooting:

"If there would've been bullets going the other way..." etc. All the victims interviewed said that they didn't even have a chance and that the guy was reloading in new clips to continue shooting. Sure, we cannot predict THE ELEMENT OF SURPRISE but, less casualties are resultant of less rounds available...NUMBERS AGAIN.
I think he should resign. America doesn't need a weak leader and he's proved that he is just that over and over again. Guns and ammo, didn't kill these people, it was a TERRORIST. Trying to limit Guns or Ammo wasn't going to help these innocent victims. If an Individual is going to do what this Radical did, they will find the means Illegally at no cost. Limiting weapons nor ammo will NOT prevent this from happening again. It's not the Guns or Ammo behind this, it's a deranged individual, and this was going to happen regardless......
Trump can't demand that the President say anything. He, himself refuse to apologize for some of the things that he has said when he was urged to by party leaders. Resign, I don't think so. He will finish his term as planned.
What did the deranged, radical terrorist use to kill 49 people and injure 50? We are, in fact, dealing with a 'way of thinking' and not all about an ethnicity or religion of people. What about Dylan Roof???? A home grown, non-Muslim terrorist. Hello?

This article highlights the core issues. By the way, the idea that gangs and killers can still get guns illegally fully supports my argument on what's happening in Chicago. They get 'em illegally but, no AR-15's are used. Granted, lots of people are shot and killed but, it's because of so many guns on the streets. Police chiefs have confirmed this time and time again.

The element of surprise wins every time but, limiting casualties is all about implemenation of numbers surrounding the killing mechanism(s).

He'll be leaving office in disgrace, 8 long years of disgrace to the position he holds.
barry in office is a killing mechanism.
Once again, I shut them down with facts. Yes, he'll be gone soon and handing the keys to Hillary!! Then, I'll be back to remind you that I told you so...count on it.
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