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Wednesday, June 15, 2016


This Is How Obama Destroyed Trump's Racist Arguments

The only thing this mule could try to destroy is America's Integrity, and that is NOT going to happen. The only other thing he has destroyed is his relationship with other people, even his own kind.
But then again you have those who worship him like a cartoon idol, for which he is....!
I think this was a good read.
You know, this is the reason why I'm so patient when it comes to a certain issue in question. For two days now, I've waited for all the soap opera hosts to man up and hit this intentionally overlooked and avoided development head on. Still, I get nothing but, they exploit everything else on Islam and Muslims. Yet, when the young lady in the link I'm gonna post gave her account of what the killer said about 'a specific ethnicity' of people, it couldn't get traction if had cleated shoes on and running in clay. As sick and hateful as this individual was, and as horrific as this atrocity was, he actually knew his history about the above-mentioned ethnicity which I find very, very chilling on many levels. I'm simply going to post the link along with the headline of the link and it will be self explanatory.

Someone recently posted an entry pertaining to 'Roots' which aired last week and I watched every bit of it. I cannot help but to wonder if someone else made the said comments in the bathroom because they both knew the history and also watched the mini series. I mean, hey, this isn't race baiting in any sense because the article itself is based around the issue. This is very serious because if the guy was otherwise influenced by a given organization, then this is what they may have instilled in him as well. At some point, this will come up and spark some major dialogue. Right now, it's way too soon for either candidate to even think of addressing this but, IT WILL COME UP and all the recent events from rallies will definitely matter.


-Surviving friend of teen murdered in Orlando massacre sobs with guilt as she recounts how shooter asked if there were any black people in the bathroom stall where they were hiding - because he would spare them for having 'suffered enough'-

I don't believe her story!!!
Let me explain why. Give her an LDT, if she passes, I will take back my statement. My wife has watch Maury Povich, every since he has been on television. I have probably watched at least a 1000 episodes, with her. If we had the exact percentage, we would know. I'm guessing, at least 50% of these girls, Black and White, lie about who the farther is, and they know they are lying. Give her a LDT!!!! You and Speedy, both believe everything a Black person says.
No. I don't believe everything black people say, I just don't believe half of the things white people say.
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