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Thursday, June 30, 2016


Loretta Lynch Privately Meets With Bill Clinton Aboard Personal Plane

Corrupt to the bone, bald faced liars lowrretta and billy bones klintock thought they wouldn't get caught? Outrageous impropriety. I posted this yesterday,   this is so beyond hubris.............. The slave masters billy and hilldog have something on lowerretta. Pitchforks people! Immediate action should be taken by both political parties to prove they aren't ball less.
JARASAN no one paid attention to your one of many conspiracy theories yesterday nor are they paying attention to them today. Saying someone is guilty of something and proving it is two different things. As much as you repubs would like to see Hillary out of the race, it is not going to happen. Accusations are not enough grounds to prosecute someone that may be the next POTUS. Give it a rest dude before you pop a vein in your dome.
you are an idiot.
Not a good optic.   Smells of favoritism.
Great response JARASAN! LMAO
Yea, she meets with Bill in a plane while his wife who also is a candidate is under investigation. Let's see speedy says accusations are not enough? what part of the Bowl are you looking out of? It's a NO, NO, and parties associated with a person under investigation should be avoided like the plague.
But of course that's why your a Democrat and I'm Not.
In my honest opinion, I think you're dumber than a Chicken for even making a statement like that, but then again that's how die hard democrats speak and think especially racist democrats.
But I'm not much better, I just think intelligently before I speak.
To each his own Jarasan, but I'll have to agree with you here....!
Here we go again with something bearing zero proof but, because it's Bill's FIRST TIME meeting her IN PERSON, it just doesn't add up with everything else. Man, my ears are still hurting from listening to Rush's entire first hour dedicated only to this. I'm actually glad its gotten underneath their skin so badly...serves 'em right and gives 'em somethin' to talk about...a little message to try and figure out. Seems the h8ters are trying to hit A.G. Lynch with some ethics stuffs with no proof. The Dems don't like it based purely on who Bill is but, I can see why it's easy for those who already hate Bill, Lynch, and Hillary. Ethics issues must be proven in some way beyond being 'improper.' Both John Ashcroft and Alberto Gonzales were under serious fire for proven ethics legal violations. So, until I learn that the meeting was prearranged to discuss anything Hillary's EMAIL, it's conjecture. Guess who wasn't ever up on ethic charges or conjecture? Former A.G. Eric Holder.

Now, for this Benghazi report busiassness. There was a whole lot more to Benghazi than either side would care to divulge more on...such as arms dealing and CIA operations to name but one. This is the real capacity in which Chris Stephens was operating, and, under his own reconnaissance. This is also why Hillary did, in fact, get all cross ways with the Republicans on significant security cuts one year before the event took place. Jason Chaffetz voted "to absolutely" cut embassy security expense. There was supposed to be WAY MORE top notch security on the ground given the general war zone situation. Between the time that Stephens left and came back, there were many attacks.

The Benghazi Report by the GOP makes it crystal clear towards the end that, "Secretary of State Operated Within Standard Procedure." None of the empty heads will dare tell their listeners those words, though. Gotta keep that hate and those lies goin'. Two-plus years of investigating, eight probes, numerous depositions, and $70 million dollars later just to say that she did what anyone else would've done in that role. Benghazi is the single largest, most expensive, longest, and most intensive investigation in our history...AND THEY FOUND NOTHING.

Tell ya what. Here's a great link to some real good intelligent thinking and commenting which focuses on the root of the problem. Trump really brought out the best in his cult followers:

Then, just like I said a week ago about the 'Trump Affect', here's yet another Republican piggy-backing on what they do best:

Next, knowing how much I love to crunch numbers, I had to run a check on the following BS:

If they surveyed 1,000 likely voters and 43% were for Trump and 39% were for Hillary then, which way did the other 180 voters go??? Yeah, see, 43% of 1,000 is (430) while 39% of 1,000 is (390). 430 + 390 = 820 likely voters...still missing the 180 to get to 1,000. It says he won over 43% but, it would take 61% to make 100% of the 1,000 voters. Why not just say he won 61% of them??? Even had they surveyed 100 likely voters, the same math applies...which is really the math it looks to have been used. This is why I encourage people to do their diligence and not be hoodwinked. They're trying to pump Trump here, in my mathematical opinion, and my math is correct. Shame on them.
MADMAN, you and JARASAN are two biggest cry-babies and snitches on the LP blogs. Hypocrites, both of you. SAD
two of the biggest...
Oh boo hoo . Cry babies and snitches now. wow all of that in one sentence. Really getting finicky in your old age aren't you. You and the other Twinkie need to get your eye's checked. "THE TOPIC" is that of the AG meeting with Bozo bill on a plane, not all the other garbage you two are spewing.

Have you looked in the mirror lately Speedy? Now, that's a true Hypocrite you see...
No, have you?
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