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Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Target Boycott Has Directly Cost Company $92 Billion in Market Cap

Look, just have a total of three restrooms. One for men, one for women, and one for undecided (just kidding.) The whole thing is actually way out of proportion and shouldn't even really be an issue. I mean, which restroom have they been using before now? The way I see it is that it's the men who self-feminizing themselves that want access to women's restrooms so they can 'fit in' so to speak. I have yet to see where naturally born women that are 'the men' in relationships and try to appear more masculine are breaking into the men's restrooms. Sorry, but I ain't seein' it. All the arguments on how these transgenders are harmless and all may sound compelling but, in the end, I'm sure that 90% of people even in my age bracket were raised completely opposite of this.

I've been in disagreement with President Obama on this whole ordeal because I don't believe you can use the guise of discrimination to impose such a law on the people. You cannot prevent people from being gay or identifying with the opposite of that which they were naturally born but, you CAN protect the people's right to privacy and 'tradition' under such circumstances. Yeah, I'll bet the bank that all you liberal h8ters never saw that coming, did you? It's YOU PEOPLE who don't know how to crossover the aisle. All liberals/Democrats don't agree with every single thing that the president or party does. There's this term called 'individualism'.

That said, I can also see where this article 100% compliments my theory on the people standing up for something they legitimately disagree with...and have merit. This boycott has made a $9 BILLION dent and something's gotta give somewhere 'cause bills and salaries gotta get paid, okay, or.....

It's why I said the following, folks:

Page 2

And I quote, "As far as what the good Chairman has to say, he's being brutally honest but, he's also seriously taking for granted the players that make these games a success. In my opinion, that statement almost conveys that players are so desperate for this game of chance that they would never just stop playing in a 'mass exodus-type fashion.' Kinda ballsy to me. It would prolly never happen but, just think if even 50% of avid players decided to just quit with all games across the board and sales plummeted. I can guarantee that he'd change his tune then, and, I often wish people would just send such a message to show them just who actually runs this deal. The players do."

You want Mega Millions and/or Powerball changes to suit the players better with a better matrix,more frequent and higher wins? The Target boycotters have your answer in full. Been saying it for years but, people are afraid and continue to dance to whatever channel the commissions put the radio on.

You're welcome.
There are many business as well as most rest area along the interstates that have both a men's and ladies bathroom along with a private family restroom. The confused gender could easily be accommodated by the family restroom but the WH had to make this a political issue.
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