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Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Hundreds Of Deceased Voters Somehow Casting Ballots Decades After Dying!

NOOO, we do not need voter ID.
Here we go again.
No worries, Speedy, I've already got this covered beginning with this first link of many to follow. The silly folks around here and other similar blogs are hoodwinked. They're crying about about a few stray votes here or there when REPUBLICANS ARE MANIPULATING THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF VOTES JUST TO GAURANTEE THE WIN. Bunch of hypocrites they really are...and we've gotta REALLY watch 'em this year...

Loser, you and your troll butt buddy haven't got the brains GOD gave the jack ass platform the two of you represent. You say a few stray votes?? It list Democrats and Republicans IN ONE COUNTY ALONE IN Los Angeles 212 of 215 were still on the records as being alive from the Grave. That's ONE county alone in Los Angeles. What about the rest of the State.? I guess that slipped you feeble mind huh? Now combine with every County in Los Angeles and You're going to find a hell of a lot more. Yep you've got it covered. Go back to drinking Kool-Aid, you represent the liberal mindset whole heartedly..
That's just one of the many tactics the Democrats utilize to get their fair share of votes
Madman you're about as whinny as Trumpie. Trump punked all of you RINOS out.
As usual, Speedy and I are right again in our deadly accurate assessment of Madman and I will be including the necessary LP link to support our claims. Business first, though...( I know folks wanna see The Professor in action again!). This dead voter issue falls right squarely on the STATE in terms of accountability and almost mimics that of registries containing people that haven't voted in a long time but, are still somehow registered when they should actually be removed from the roster. Then, there are those people who registered to vote in two different states, which isn't illegal. Hell, over 40,000 people were registered to vote in both Virginia and Maryland alone but, Madman wants to apply conjecture to the article and assume that every county has dead voters when the investigation is silent on that. Gotta stick to the facts.

There are many ways to address and eliminate this issue but, the states ultimately have the responsibility of cleaning up who's dead, who's registered, who can vote, who can vote where, and who's voted already. We have the technology to this like yesterday and it's called FINGER PRINT VOTER ID. Every time I go the gym, I have to enter a number and SCAN MY FINGER FOR ENTRY. If a fitness club can implement something like this, then the states can surely do it and fix this issue in single drop kick. Can't scan your finger if you're six feet under...AND IT'S THE DEMOCRATS WHO ARE PAVING THE WAY FOR THIS just so you know. It's the Republicans who need all the d*amned votes they can get, contrary to popular belief.

Now, as you can see, Madman passed up a prime opportunity to speak up on the Trump vs. Veterans ordeal...and intentionally. What a weak excuse for a veteran to allow a political pimp to completely cloud his better judgement even if he does want to support him. He'd rather come over here and YELP! about dead people still on the voter roster while ignoring Trump stealing from veterans, AND USING US, who have served this country. This man is veteran and just recently posted the following:

Yeah, see he can stand with the veterans when there's NO PRESSURE ON but, now that the vets are out after Trump's MISAPPROPRIATION OF FUNDS LIKE I SAID WOULD HAPPEN RECENTLY, he refuses to stand with them (US) due to PRESSURE. Sounds just like Trump, from pressure and the hard questions. I wonder how many times Madman abandoned those he served with? I mean, hell, he's abandoning these good men right now all in the name of Trump. How pathetic, sad, and a weak excuse for a veteran. Yeah, just like that. He couldn't stand the fact that there's sworn testimony of Republicans working to STEAL an election by committing the ultimate form of voter fraud in the link I posted but, he CAN tolerate Trump STEALING FROM VETERANS. It's why he can't speak to it. What a low blow but, Madman is a lowlife and a fake just like rdgrnr was.

Finally, Speedy was right in that when he's challenged and at a loss for substantive words and conversation, he resorts to perversion...just like Trump. Notice the words 'butt buddy' which he uses very frequently on us just because we speak the same language of truth. Then, there's 'Kool-Aid' which he's used just like every other hate-filled, non-free thinking, has-to-be-told, Rush Lush. Uh huh. Here's the LP link substantiating everything I just said:

Read Madman's second post very carefully here, okay. He obviously really liked my post here because he said:

- I've always said: " if you don't like a comment from someone, don't read it".-

He can call a SPADE A SPADE right? Where's he on Trump being a SPADE?

Finally, Speedy called it right when he had the last word. Yep, I actually do have it covered, Madman...and thanks ol' buddy!!!

Hillary Clinton's Camp Set Up 'Veterans Against Trump' Protest - The ...
The Daily Beast
21 hours ago - Hillary Clinton's Camp Set Up 'Veterans Against Trump' Protest ... hide
HamHock, you and split pea are about as useless as ninnies on a bull hog.
As I stated earlier you represent your party, ( Jackasses ) whole heartedly. Your boy Leroy and Hillbag are clones of the biggest jackasses that ever walked this earth. The one you worship has done NOTHING but divide the races and you two worthless pieces of human waste fell HOOK , LINE , & SINKER. I don't gloat, but for you two mules I'm going to have a Gloat party.
Try again, dumbazz. As usual, you ignore the facts and charges which are substantiated already. The money is MIA, to this very minute, and unaccounted for. So easy for you to run to Hillary for simply using what was already in stone as strategy. Rabiddog, go over and take advantage of the nice, fresh link on Trump vs. Veterans that's posted in this blog. Distractions, distractions just like the Trump you hump.
LMBAO!!!!! You and emilyg are just like Trump and Palin!!!! I'm sure she meant well but, you can bad by yourself. No charge for that great advice, either.
LL, Madman thinks Trumpie is going to win. He's confused. He jumped ship so much because he desperate for a repub win. It ain't gonna happen poor pathetic ba$tard.
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