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Monday, February 8, 2016


Starnes: GOP hell-bent on destroying each other, not Dems

That is what you do in a primary.
Bill is out ripping into the Berne.

Good answer, JAP. Guys like Starnes only want to see the 'external' fights where the parties are only after each other but, 'internal' fights are where it's at. I had already said that Hillary has her baggage and so does Bernie which became very evident in their last debate which I found to be very healthy. Anyone worth their weight in politics wants to see the candidates in their party able to withstand everything thrown at them and become better...stronger. There's a difference in running to someone's rescue and merely telling the truth about them.
Well, let's talk more about destroying each other...outside of the issues. Trump and all his wittle Trumpkins have sunk to an all new professional low. During his rally, one of his very intelligent supporters called Ted Cruz a p***y and Trump played right along and repeated what the guy front of all the ladies there young and old. What kind of respect is this...seriously? Then, they asked a couple of young 'ens outside about how they felt about Trump and their answers were on par with typical Trumpkins who believe a wall will be built with a door...a sliding door. "He'll be a man of his word!!"

Just wow. I mean, how many guys here would call someone they didn't like 'that word' in front of their mom, grandma, daughter, etc? My mom would slap the pure F'n taste outta my mouth, and, the black off one side of my face if I said something like that in front of her. I can guarantee that on tomorrow morning, Michael Berry will deal with this on the very level that I have described here...which is the right thing to do. Rush, on the other hand, will issue Trump yet another pass and actually attempt to vindicate Trump and the Trumpkins via the argument of this simply being politics. Rush has absolutely no backbone and he's afraid as hell to rub anyone with the truth for fear of backlash.

Truth will stand all by itself in all circumstances but, lies require continued justification and support...and are very inconsistent. Trump owns most of these people's voices and I just can't wait to hear that profound hesitation in his voice when he knows he owned and Trump is squeezing him tightly. Just as I said before, Trump has to 'one up' himself very frequently and last time he did it was when he spoke on Hillary being 'schlonged' which was also issued a pass. As a side note, I remember some years ago when I had first came to the blogs and was attacked by Ridge Runner...viciously. I went back and forth with him on one occasion and said some very, very nasty things to him while not taking into account that women were also reading the blogs. While that wasn't a calculated mistake, it was still wrong no matter what. This man is looking right into the faces of these women, and, their husbands with no reserve on his language. I've come to the conclusion that these types of Republicans have no brain...their skulls house a large ball of paper mache which unraveled a long time ago.
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