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Sunday, January 24, 2016


Palin Blames Obama for Her Defeat in 2008 Election

Really? No $hit? So, who's the REAL blame for the LIES you told about your son and PTSD? You're really quite the pathetic LIAR and sorry excuse for a true American Patron. You used a serious sickness which plagues our soldiers, their lives, and their families to promote your exaggerated disdain and hatred for the President. Veterans near and far have stepped up in the President's defense of your agenda and INSULTING shot at them. Try this on for size:

See, America, this actually falls right in line with the whole Benghazi deal. I mean, it may have some gray areas in terms of the intricacies in general but, these Republicans just wore the d*mned thing plum out with all their lies which also was an insult to the Stevens family. See how that works? Republicans try ever so hard to hurt everyone else and only end up tearing themselves down as a whole. This whole Trump/Palin deal is nothing more than sick act on the intelligence of the American People that actually have common sense. Here's what needs to happen: Dr. Ben Carson needs to open up each of their brains and remove all the sawdust so they can think clearly.

Know what else? The talking heads are to blame for every bit of Trump's conduct because he hears them and he knows they don't denounce him ever. Rush has the biggest influence and gives a pass every single time by rationalizing everything Trump says and does. All Trump does then is step it up yet another level...BECAUSE HE HAS TO IN ORDER TO MAINTAIN THE EXCITEMENT FOR HIM. Michael Berry plays into this BS as well with all the laughing and making jokes on Trump's antics, much like Rush, when he should be bigger than that. Berry didn't even have the guts to put Palin in her place on the PTSD comments when he knew full well he was obligated TO STAND UP FOR THE REAL VETERANS DEALING WITH PTSD ISSUES. Man, was I ever disappointed in him because he does so much fundraising for the Vets with PTSD...and he allowed Palin to just run all over him and them, too.

It's pitiful, America. But, I guess I gave Berry too much credit since I've noted him speaking out on similar things before. Trump simply owns all their voices 'cause they're afraid to cross him...AND HE HAS NOTHING TO OFFER THEM. All the while, both Trump and Palin are making COMPLETE AZZES of all of them...and they have the nerve to call us LOW INFORMATION AND LIBTARDS?   LMF'nBAO!!!!
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