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Sunday, January 17, 2016


Barry and the Pirates

Levinson is correct.
This is the biggest fallacy of BS I've read today. This dumbazz, just like most gung-ho gun huggin' Republicans, is asserting that the sailors SUCCUMBED THEIR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHT BY GIVING UP THEIR WEAPONS. See, I told you that these people have lost their minds when it comes to guns. Now, we make a navigational mistake and end up in THEIR TERRITORY which could be viewed as a threat of some sort and they're not supposed to react? Hell, if any of their servicemen ended up in our waters, air space etc. we'd do the same d*mned thing...and we'd take their weapons, too. What about all the past PRISONERS OF WAR? They had weapons on them and they had to give 'em up....RIGHT, you dumbazz? These Un-American Non-Thinkers try so hard to twist things all around and make them as though we're so weak and Obama caused it all to happened when things could've went differently if they would've just been tough, y'all!!

Bad media is the real enemy here, and, American Thinker has its' base dumbazzes. We all know that the writer of this entry would've kept his gun, talked a lotta 2nd Amendment stuff, bad mouthed Obama, told the Iranians that he can go where ever the hell he wants to when he wants to, and he would've did it all STANDING UP after they ordered him down for safety precautions. And to think...he actually got his points through to at least one person. Wow.

Here's the TRUTH...THE write up for the intelligent folks with common MILITARY SENSE:

Here's a very telling excerpt which is dead on:

So, to recap the U.S. media narrative: when the U.S. Navy enters Iran’s territorial waters without permission or notice, and Iran detains them and then releases them within 24 hours, Iran is the aggressor; and the same is true when Iran aggressively allows one of its civilian jets to be shot down by the U.S. Navy. And no matter how many times the U.S. government issues patently false statements about its military actions, those statements are entitled to unquestioning, uncritical treatment as Truth the next time a similar incident occurs.

So, in short, the stupid azz mf'ers all think that Iran was the aggressor and WE did nothing wrong be it intentionally, or, unintentionally. Yet, and still, Iran did the right thing, and, followed up with releasing prisoners held for some time. This is the reason why I'm glad we have someone in the 'House that knows how to IMPLEMENT DIPLOMACY with people. Trump or Cruz? Hell, they would've sent a dozen fighter planes to drop bombs on anything moving in the vicinity and set us back 50 years.

By the way, only the second to last paragraph is an excerpt from the article. The last piece is my assertion.
Yeah that's right, set us back 50 years, and the Iranian mullaz want to set the world back 1000 years. Remember Reagan? Those hostages were released real quick when the new sheriff came to town, President Reagan would have put them back 2000 years.
Reagan had nothing to do with the hostage release. The hostages were used to influence our election of the POTUS. I remember Reagan, but you don't.
lil*shiddy you are a fuquing idiot.
JARASAN you are a moron that lack knowledge.
BTW, how old were you when Reagan was president? All you know is what you read.
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