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Sunday, September 27, 2015


Mayor wants to post welfare recipients addresses online

Well, a certain percentage of me actually likes this suggestion because it could be a mechanism to actually reduce the number of recipients...even if it does cause a bit of shame. Let's face it, there are lots of able-bodied people taking advantage of the system when they should be doing what people from the old generations did and just work more, work harder, and an additional job if necessary. Hell, I did it some years ago when it was crunch time in my life financially and I'm still alive. It meant I had to sacrifice my 'good timing' with friends and other things I enjoyed but, I got the most important things taken care of with the additional income...and it felt good.

I actually said here a long time ago that we need a way to track welfare recipients, and, people on unemployment to see just why they haven't found work and/or why they're still receiving welfare/unemployment for so long. Are they turning down jobs that would suffice to at least get them by on their bills and to eat? See, there's this misconception that all Democrats and blacks in general like to see people on the system and it's the farthest thing from the truth. Anyone who thinks that we enjoy going into a grocery store and seeing perfectly healthy and able-bodied people flash a SNAP card to pay for BETTER GROCERIES THAN WHAT WE'RE BUYING IS A NUT CASE. Problem is, we gotta be careful in hurting those who actually financially vulnerable and really need help due to dire circumstances and I take no issue with this.

It's the rest of them who can but won't that need to be screened and I'm all for it as it'll 'put some money back into our account.' Republicans and their radicals love to slam Obama with the free stuff cries and how he loves giving food stamps. Well, the following link is quite the contrary but you won't see or hear them talk about this...and it's a year and a half old, y'all:

Then, there's the follow up in January this year:

Granted, when Obamacare took off, more people began to enroll for benefits but it's not nearly the all end story for food stamps. That said, I'm going to close with a recent article and link from Snopes which does a very good job with debunking/dispelling all the myths and BS...whether it's for or against Obama. This same article about how to get $75,000 in free benefits etc. was SUPPORTED BY RUSH AND OTHERS. I mean, they pushed it hard, too. Their angles were to enrage due to people "making way more money this way than Joe who get's up and goes to his really good job, folks!!! I mean, they're living better than you and me!!! It's, it's,'s all Obama ladies and gentlemen!! (Rush). Pathetic.
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