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Sunday, September 27, 2015


Donald Trump's front-runner status has virtually evaporated

The novelty of Donald is waning. Now that they have gotten certain frustrations out of their system, voters are reexamining their choice. Putting a buffoon in office will not solve the problems that will be facing the next POTUS in 2017.
To evaporate, to fizzle out, to disappear, has not and will not happen. If the basis of a poll from (NBC)/Wall Street Journal is someone's synopsis of evaporate, I guess it can be said these are the same people that voted for a buffoon in the last two elections. The Media has failed once again. The poll was a run off of FOX, and we all know how the left clings on to them. It's going to take a Man with keen business sense to get us out of the Canyon of Debt that this BUFFOON of color has gotten us into.
So, the obvious choice is going to be Mr. Trump, who can, and will get us back on the right track.   Frustrations, Novelties, and waning , LMAO....
I know, you're laughing until it hurts. Also, you went to college so use your own thoughts in your opinion. Regurgitating what I just said is not very creative madman.
The only one regurgitating is your BS speedo. An opinion is not a game professor but when you disagree it's a game isn't it? Education doesn't promote ignorance but in your case it was already installed..

Well, he's definitely reaching now especially after that 60 Minutes interview where he revealed an extremely outlandish tax reform that ultimately benefits yours truly...HIM. It SOUNDS good but, in all reality, it's mirrors high tax cuts for the upper echelon and has yet to be 'tested' for real world performance according to Time Magazine. He also mentioned his replacement for Obamacare which actually made no sense even to the interviewer who asked a very, very good question...and received an equally interesting answer.

Interviewer: "What about the uninsured? How will they receive coverage?"

Trump: "They'll be taken care of...they'll be taken care of." Interviewer: "You know this is gonna cost, right? I mean, who's gonna pay for all will it be paid for?" Trump: The GOVERNMENT'S gonna pay for it!!"

You know, Donald has already told people this: "I play on people's fantasies." It seems to me that desperate people are only hearing what they want to hear...OUT OF DESPERATION. This fantasy of both plans, though, will still get the crowd going.

Serious voters are really raising their eyebrows right now and even the staunchest of talk shows hosts are not impressed with any of this. Even old Rushbo was at a loss for words when this first came out and Michael Berry, today, went over taxes and all but came right out and said it won't work. Here's Rush's transcript link and I'll include a very, very SAVVY CALLER'S BREAKDOWN OF TRUMP'S PLAN AND HE'S RIGHT ON POINT. Notice how Rush cuts him off as he tries to go more into detail with how small businesses are treated also. This caller said Trump is "disingenuous"...and he's a Rush listener of many years. Need I say more?

CALLER: I'm a 25-year listener. I'm a longtime 24/7 subscriber.

RUSH: I appreciate that.

CALLER: I'm just about Trump's or any other politician's tax plan. When they say they're gonna "tax the rich," in my opinion, it's a political misdirection. The rich have... They're rich because they have created or have what people want. You know, and raising taxes on the rich is only gonna raise costs for consumers. It's kind of like you talk about crony capitalism. Warren Buffett well knows it. He supports higher taxes because he knows that neither he nor his companies are actually gonna have to pay that. They will raise prices; they are a conduit to it. They'll remit the taxes to the government. But, you know --

RUSH: Well, in Warren Buffett's case, that's right. But that's not why he proposes higher taxes. He does it for strictly personal PR reasons.

CALLER: That may be. But in general larger companies, I think, have less objection to higher taxes 'cause they have a greater ability to pass the taxes along.
Remember DEMO's, POTUS lied ughh said, if you like your Doctor, you get to keep your Doctor, if you like your health plan, guess what, POTUS claimed you could keep it. PURE BS !!! Now what I see is Trump actually clarifying what his plans are about taxes without lying thru his teeth like POTUS did. Hello!! No Rush involved, just fricking common sense since POTUS has bamboozled to the point of almost NO return. The market is starting to catch on. Good bye retirement investments.
Madman, do you read your post before you post it? It's pure gibberish and pointless.
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