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Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Iran Signs Nuclear Deal With West

Soooo, the (R)'s trust Obama and the Dems with a trade deal but not with a nuclear deal? I mean, if you hate the guy and ALL HIS POLICIES...deeming him incompetent, then the trade deal must be full of BS also, right??? Yep, they pick and choose what the wanna use and it's all still coming from the same place.
Well, I had to split some dummy's head open over in another website/blog regarding this Iran deal, the timing of it, and the specifics thereof...."and I was behaving myself." So, I figured I'd better go ahead and post a tid bit of information over here so folks can do some comparing and diligence. He was all riled up about how it took sooooo long and now they have this epic nuclear deal!! Okay, let's have a looksie at George 'Dubyah' Bush's deal with India which took 3 Years to reach...three. Also, the same specifics that Obama/Kerry had to deal with are the very same one's that Bush had to deal with in terms of centrifuges and uranium content/percentages. Look folks, there's nothing new under the sun with our country's problems and there's neither Republican nor Democrat president that could have or ever will solve all the issues we have with the Middle East...PERIOD. They do what they can to try and preserve peace and keep war/conflict to a least SOME DO. Enjoy these reads:

First few sentences give the time frame in the first link and the second link details the specifics which look a lot like the Iranian deal. For what it's worth, ain't nobody on the hate-filled talk radio shows or Fox channel talking about, or comparing/criticizing Bush and his deal...which are one in the same with Obama's. But, this is typical as most right wingers are never willing to do any real diligence, and if they do and find the truth, they won't tell you. It's all good...and that's why I'm here.

In closing, is anyone here reading prior military? Probably so. I want to ask the right wing ex-military folks a question. HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHY THE MILITARY ALWAYS STARTS OUT WITH THE "LEFT" FOOT WHEN LEADING OFF ALA "FORWARD" TO MARCH?????????? Just a little something for y'all to think about...and you can't twist that around, either.

Yeah, that left is a mutha!!!
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