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Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Dem: Obama treated poorly 'because he is black'

From article comments:

[email protected] freddysrevng2 • 3 days ago

That's the problem with politicians who view everything through "Race-Colored Glasses". I don't suppose he remembers the many newspaper comics showing Pres. GW Bush with monkey features, a la "Curious George". If this was really about race, why have there been ZERO such comics about Pres. Obama?

Really, I mean REALLY? He's treated badly because of his own doings, not because of his color..
They refuse to look at all the lies, he has spoke. They do not and refuse to hold him accountable, for the position he occupies.
All of you can lie to yourself, but America and the world knows it's from deep seated stereotypical hatred. Some are you are behind the times and think that the offspring of black/white parents can't call themselves Black, well they can, they have, and there is nothing you can do about it. Some idiots on the post even went as far to talk about the president 's wife and children. Now that's bona-fide bigotry.
I am sorry but "White America " don't get to vote on this one not because you are evil people but for the simple fact that you are "White". Let me explain, you haven't been in a position to be treated in a manner by people who are in control of all that goes in this society. They are not constantly under a spot light of approval by the ruling race ,who by the way think in order to be consider you must to be perfect in their eyes, but still they're living in glass houses. Black people in this country know how they're treated ,it doesn't matter how educated ,rich, famous and talented they are ,still scrutinize and question. This benefit of doubt is never afforded Black America.
Wow! So, that means you people talk about and hate on him as severely as you do EVERY SINGLE DAY because of his policies? I call BS. You people go so far as to include his family in your attacks as Speedy said. You hate his wife and kids due to his policy? Oh, but none of you could find anything wrong with Bush, his policies, and his family...correct? You all love Trump because he hates Obama, Mexicans, and ignores God. emilyg, I have a couple of Curious George articles for you right here:

Trump is so clouded by Obama's birth certificate but, what about the link to the Nazis deal with Bush? Yeah, about a week or so ago this happened. Oh, well, and so goes the denial.

The three mindless, low information trolls have spoken. Looser, Speedo, and Queenie continues to display their low IQ ! SAD !! The POTUS is has the worst of the worst !!! Reason being !! He has a legacy he wants to fulfill at the tax payers expense. When will anybody with an IQ over 60 catch on ?? Really SAD !!
I wonder if the the three trolls are going to contribute to their butt buddy POTUS to pay back the three trillion in debt his dumb a$$ has put this country in, which has nothing to do with Bush, but with that slime POTUS and his legacy. The answer will be, of coarse, no, not my problem. This is how low information DEMS think !!!
reddog, funny you should speak of IQ. Everyone on this LP and WWW knows that you are uneducated and ignorant. You should be ashamed of yourself, ignorance is bliss. SAD. How far did you go in school? Did you even finish high school?
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