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Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Where's the protest for 7 black people shot over the weekend at Florida Spring Break party?

The Democrat news media picks and chooses what will cause chaos. This tragedy did not fit their agenda.
Had the shooter been white Sharpton, Holder, Jackson and the media would have been interested.   Seems not all black lives matter.
They don't matter to you two people. Reddog you are an uneducated jerk an pervert and Emily you are too old and senile to matter.
Wow, as though you care reddog just as your phony azz friend CARBOB pretends to care so much about blacks' well-being. Buddy, I can show you EXACTLY where you also pick and choose what you want to exploit and comment on when it fits your agenda. You nor any of your friends had the seeds to even extend Holder credit when he exposed the 'hands up, don't shoot' deal as completely bogus. CARBOB and MADDOG tried the old switcheroo with trying actually be on Holder's side...assuming that we'd find fault with his findings! Didn't happen, though, did it? Ya'll are just some big, sheisty, COWARDLY dumbazzes. If he's such a racist and all, along with Sharpton and Jackson, then why aren't they in Oklahoma heading up what is CLEARLY RACISM? Furthermore, why are any OF YOU ON THE BLACKS' SIDE ON WHAT IS CLEARLY RACISM?

Non of you had a single, solitary word to say on that, did you? Where the hell was CARBOB to denounce the student that was the head racist in charge? Nowhere to be found but, he can show his dumb azz up to try and slam Michelle Obama for extending credit to some good black girls. What kind of man does that? What kind of woman, Drenick1, follows suit of something called a man that even does something like that...with you being a woman that should support any ethnicity of girls that is doing well? Sorry excuse for a woman you are, lady. Oh, that's right, you're also caught up in that 72% deal which apparently makes all those girls bad girls. Gotcha. Emilyg, what's the latest on the Chicago shootings since you care so much about black lives? What happened to you with the whole Ben Carson showing how the Bible orders him to love his fellow man which happens to be gay? Silly lady, you went into a coma on that one.

Allen West is a black puppet and I'll tell YOU ALL WHY. You cannot find ONE ARTICLE ON WEST'S POSITION ON WHAT HAPPENED IN OKLAHOMA WITH THAT CHANT. He has the nerve to call Holder, Sharpton, and Jackson all racists but, HE'S COMPLETELY SILENT ON THOSE KIDS CHANTING ABOUT HANGING HIS DUMB BLACK AZZ. This is the reason why there is so much division among blacks and why blacks are very particular on who we deal with in politics. Granted, that chant was derived from the elders that go way back and COULD GIVE TWO $HITS ABOUT ALLEN WEST BEING A REPUBLICAN AND HE CANNOT EVEN SEE IT JUST LIKE THAT DUMBAZZ SHERIFF CLARK CAN'T SEE IT WITH HIS POSITION ON FERGUSON.

This is the reason why, America, intelligent black men like myself and Speedy are able to quickly spot when someone black is a complete phony. Go ahead, do a search for Allen West's position on the Oklahoma racism/chant and see what you find. I already know 'cause I'm JUST THAT DA*NED GOOD!!! You gotta be real savvy in the politics world to know who's who, why they're who the are, the reasons they do what they do, AND WHO THEY'RE CATERING TO. When I call something, be ready to put your money on it. No reason to lie or mislead anyone...especially on purpose. If I find out I'm wrong on something, I'll be the first to step up. I have nothing to gain here. My reward is beyond this life...believe it.
What kind of Black person would make nasty comments about a Black Olympic gymnast's hairdo, after a fantastic performance. Have you forgot about "Gabby"?
I forgot to tell you two trolls. My Black friend from California stopped by for a visit, last week. He was going to Lakeland to visit his brother. He told me a story about his son. His son is a graduate from Stanford University and teaches math in the Modesto, CA school district. He call his dad to let him know, he needed to discuss some things. He told his dad, he was seriously thinking of quitting teaching. His reason was, the majority of the kids came from fatherless homes and were not getting any support at home. He asked his class why they came to school? Why are you wasting my time? None of you put any effort toward this class. He had one student whose mom was in prison for drug dealing. He lived with his uncle. What do you think? Do Black Women rock? He told his dad, at the end of the school year, I will make my decision
Well, carbo your one black friend's son went into teaching for the wrong reason. No one person will be able to solve the problems of a people by giving up. Teaching is a profession and an art. Some have what it takes and some don't. I know because I was a mentor teacher. My job was to help keep good dedicated teachers into the profession by teaching them how to teach children that did not have a father because of other reasons other than an unwed mother. Your job is to teach ALL children regardless of their circumstances. You are not going to reach everyone, but you will reach some. Anytime a teacher feels that they are wasting their time they are in the wrong profession. I was a math and science teacher for 31 years and I never thought I was wasting my time.
Speedy , don't you think that after 50 years, all of the problems that Blacks have, should have been solved? Discrimination and Racism are not the root of Blacks problems. The root of the problem is the birth rate of the Black unwed mothers. You and every other Black can deny it until doomsday, but you and the rest of the Blacks, know it, but refuse to acknowledge the problem.
Speedy, this guy may or may not be lying but, you told him right and I'll tell you why. First of all, he's trying to validate himself with this black friend from California all while COMING HERE AND EXPLOITING ALL THE BLACKS THAT HE CAN. He never extends any credit to those trying to do well...EVER. When there's a negative link on blacks, buddy, he's all over it and never offers any solutions as I've said. He's so very dumb that he's ignoring the FACT that I already acknowledged what our problems are and did so just yesterday in the following thread WHICH YOU NEVER REPLIED TO:

Just like any other way too far right Republican, all he knows how to do is clam up when someone backs your azz into a corner. Just read and REALLY think about what he just said, Speedy. Discrimination and racism AREN'T THE ROOTS OF BLACK PROBLEMS. Before we ever had issues with his 'thundercats' argument about black unwed mothers, the problems were DISCRIMINATION, RACISM, AND SUPPRESSION...AND STILL ARE. CARBOB completely skated around the whole Oklahoma ordeal just like the rest of his cowards but, he went and picked on Michelle Obama for praising good black girls. Man, I'll tell you what, CARBOB makes our job very easy. Speedy, we can compare his story to that of an inspiring preacher/minister. We all know that the world is just full of lying demons, just like CARBOB and his friends but, THAT SHOULDN'T STOP OR PREVENT THE GUY FROM WANTING TO STILL TEACH GOD'S WORD. If anything, it should INSPIRE HIM TO WANT TO TEACH AND HELP THOSE THAT ARE LOST AND NEED GUIDANCE.

If his friend's son wants to just give up on those kids, then he was never cut out for it from jump street AND HE'S ACTUALLY WASTING THEIR TIME AND I'LL SHOW YOU EXACTLY WHY IN CARBOB'S OWN WORDS.

Excerpt from CARBOB above:

His reason was, the majority of the kids came from fatherless homes and were not getting any support at home. He asked his class why they came to school? Why are you wasting my time? None of you put any effort toward this class. He had one student whose mom was in prison for drug dealing. He lived with his uncle.

Um, they're not getting any SUPPORT AT HOME but, the guardian sure seems to be MAKING SURE THAT THEY'RE ATTENDING SCHOOL EVERYDAY, YOU DUMBAZZ!! MAYBE THEY'RE NOT PUTTING FORTH ANY REAL EFFORT 'CAUSE THEY SENSE HIS DESIRE NOT TO BE THERE. WHY IS HE WASTING "THEIR" TIME? One student's mom is jail for drug dealing? Whoo hooo!!! They're aren't any Whites, Hispanics, Asians, etc. in jail for that? The kid LIVES WITH HIS UNCLE. Well, at least the KID ISN'T OUT ON THE STREET SELLING DRUGS, AND, THE KID IS AT SCHOOL EVERYDAY...YOU DUMBAZZ!!

See, this is why I do what I do, Speedy. People like CARBOB are so eaten up with wanting to just beat up on blacks every chance they get 'cause THEY ARE, IN FACT, RACISTS. Instead of him speaking well about the kids in question, being in school and not in trouble on the streets despite their parental situations, he just goes along with what suits his agenda as they all do. He'd rather criticize the kids instead of simply extend them a little credit. If anything, those kids really need that instructor but, he possesses NO MENTORING SKILLS as far as I can see. You must be able to FIND THE GOOD IN A SITUATION AND WORK WITH IT TO MAKE IT BETTER. What this instructor is doing, Speedy, is called NEGATIVE REINFORCEMENT. He's not trying to strengthen and motivate them with positivity.

Teaching isn't an easy job and I know as my sister is also a school teacher and is always sharing stories about her job. Just imagine, Speedy, a preacher knowing that his Church has some issues and instead of taking charge and addressing those issues, HE ASKS WHY THEIR WASTING HIS TIME. CARBOB, you should really, really, really, REALLY just stay away from the blogs. You have absolutely ZERO ABILITY TO REASON ON ANY SUBJECT AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT...EVEN IF THEY DON'T TELL YOU. You're a negative person and you only look and focus on the negative aspects of EVERYTHING.

Per my man Speedy in his own words:

You are not going to reach everyone, but you will reach some. Anytime a teacher feels that they are wasting their time they are in the wrong profession.

This applies to ANY and EVERYTHING a person takes on...especially teachers and preachers. Amen, Speedy.
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