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Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Univ. of Oklahoma severs ties with frat after racist chant

I applaud the university president's decision. No top notch university should have to suffer shame and embarrassment for what a few AZZ holes do. They not only embarrassed themselves, but their family members that spent their hard earned money to send them there. This no doubt they will remember for the rest of their lives. Whether they learn from it will be up to them.

Wait a minute, racism doesn't exist anymore...REMEMBER? Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and you know the line up, America. The words they were chanting are a DIRECT result of what they've been taught by SOMEONE (CHAPTER MEMBERS) REGARDING HOW BLACKS WERE DEALT WITH, AT SOME POINT, AND THEY ALL GOT TOGETHER AND MADE THIS CHANT. Just as I've also said before right here in these blogs with my ' innocent children at they playground scenario', these children and kids ARE TAUGHT TO HATE BLACKS...end of story.

Excerpt from the song:

"You can hang 'em from a tree..."

Some where along the way, they were taught or LEARNED that blacks were hung, lynched, 'NOOSED', and they obviously thought it was cool and RIGHT. Speedy, you're absolutely correct in your assessment in that A FEW AZZHOLES...DUMBAZZES don't represent the greater scheme of things THERE and that same concept APLLIES HERE. Now, moving on to my 'GOTCHA'
segment. I looked around and saw where a blogger here posted an entry about a 'Black Pastor'. First of all, they made certain that everyone knows it's a 'black' Pastor...couldn't just post the name of the Pastor and what his overall concern was.

His concern is gays and it's based on what the President said at his Selma/Bloody Sunday speech which he obviously takes issue with. Now, what I find very interesting is that this same blogger HASN'T HAD ONE OUNCE OF INTEREST IN WHAT BEN CARSON SAID ABOUT HIS LATEST AND BIBLICALLY CORRECT VIEWS ON GAYS. I mean she's abandoned him completely...that is until he SAYS SOMETHING MORE SUITED TO WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR AND FEEL. Then, you'll see some rejuvenation via posts...MAYBE. What does this mean, you ask? It means that what I've been saying all along holds true in that THESE PEOPLE HERE CHASE WHATEVER IS SELF-SERVING TO THEIR AGENDAS. Carson's quote directly from the Bible on how we have an obligation to love our fellow man REGARDLESS does absolutely NOTHING FOR THIS BLOGGER.

Now, for the next 'GOTCHA'. I've done my diligence and am amazed that I cannot find any 'PRO MARTIN LUTH KING' SUPPORTING BLOG ENTRIES FROM ANY OF THE "SICK SIX." See, they come here and talk all this stuff about how MLK was a better man that the President, how MLK would roll over in his grave, MLK this, MLK that, MLK the other thing. Go look around their blog history and there's no postings of MLK's speeches, o picture of him, and the only time MLK's name even ever came up was around MLK's day or if they heard it in the news in terms of trying to slam the President. In other words, these same people are simply using and exploiting MLK for their own purpose... once again. Flip flop, and topsy-turvy every time.
That speech, Loser, Obama did at the Selma / Bloody Sunday meeting did not relate to what Selma was about. Obama, like you is a retard and loves to stir the pot.
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