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Thursday, March 12, 2015


Two Officers Shot In Front Of Ferguson Police HQ

Still developing and Eric Holder nailed it just like a real HONEST and FAIR Attorney General should with calling the person/people that did it some "da*ned punks." Furthermore, their looking into just who actually did it and he extended all resources necessary to find them and being them to justice...PERIOD. THIS, KNOWING FULL WELL THAT THEY'RE BLACK...AND IT MADE ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE TO HOLDER. Oh, but he's a race baiter and shouldn't be involved with what's going on there.

Al Sharpton said, "We do not condone any acts of violence towards police." So, let's see if we can get some comments from the people that said the following:



Yep, it's definitely a smoking gun assumption, too bad others see it differently.
# posted by MADDOG10 : 9:57 AM     
End of comments.

Hmmmm, so is Holder now on a witch hunt with trying to find the black guys who shot the white cops? Is it a 'smoking gun assumption'? Let's move on to the next one in that same link.


@ CARBOB, You ought to know by now, they can't see the truth let alone own up to it.
Not to worry, buttercup LL will be along shortly to spread his manure to justify why holder LIED...   
End of comment.

Well, well, well. Here I am spreading even more manure on why Holder has lied yet again. See, Holder's actually lying, America, because he's really trying to DEFEND THE ASSAILANTS BECAUSE THEY'RE BLACK BECAUSE HOLDER IS RACIST... uh huh. Let's look at what the problem really is, America.

So, we have a terrorist handling the Ferguson situation?

This one is self explanatory...and very funny.

Yep, he sure was on television with more BS on how he's standing against violence against police.

Yep, both he and Ferguson are race baiting in Ferguson right now.


America, not so much what's in the signage but, rather what this guy had to say in his comment. Just look at the filth here:

MADDOG10 said...
If they did that, there wouldn't be half as many Idiots here at LP, if you know what I mean ( wink wink)
side eye They're just trolling along on Ham Hock Bay.
10:22 PM     

HAM HOCK BAY, y'all. Now, this type of meat has been a mainstream food for blacks for a very, very, very, long time primarily because it was cheap and we could afford it. Then, we know how to prepare it and add the right side items to make it actually a very tasty meal that more than serves its' purpose. Here this guy is making fun of it...'CAUSE HE KNOWS IT'S A BLACK THANG'...just like lots of blacks enjoy CHITTERLINGS. I DO along with some black-eyed peas, turnip greens, sweet potatoes, and corn bread that's heavy on the butter. Oh, but he's not racist and he loves him some MLK.

Enough for now but, just pay close attention.

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