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Monday, March 30, 2015


Republicans see Obama as more imminent threat than Putin

Here we go again with the flip-floppin', agenda-based motives. Guess what? Lucky's gonna play the devil's advocate today and post a link from 10/23/2014 based on how Iran's Senior Presidential Advisor viewed the President (Obama) regarding his foreign policies. Keep in mind, though, what the Ayatollah just said about the Republicans and their recent letter to him. I'll provide key excerpts to help you understand what's going on, also.


Younesi took a more conciliatory view towards U.S. Democrats, who he praised for viewing Iran as “no threat.”

“We [the Islamic Republic] have to use this opportunity [of Democrats being in power in the U.S.], because if this opportunity is lost, in future we may not have such an opportunity again,” Younesi said.

Major Excerpt:
Younesi, a former minister of intelligence in the country, also had some harsh comments about U.S. conservatives and the state of Israel.

“Conservatives are war mongers, they cannot tolerate powers like Iran,” he said. “If conservatives were in power they would go to war with us because they follow Israel and they want to portray Iran as the main threat and not ISIS.”

Now, anyone that's well-versed in politics knows that this guy is telling the absolute truth. If we had a Republican in office right now, we'd also be in a war with Iran RIGHT NOW. Never mind that we just barely got back from Afghanistan, and, we're STILL in Iraq's living room. Oh, but Obama is a bigger threat than both Putin and Bibi 'cause he refuses to jump off with another war... while Bibi is just itching to attack Iran and pull us right in with 'em? Then, if we don't support Israel in this faction, both the Republicans and Israel are sure to turn up the blame game on Obama. This is brewing right now and I'm calling it with very reasonable credibility.

This is power struggle based on evil powers and principalities. Don't believe me? Look:

Ephesians 6:12
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

It's so easy for folks to just discount common sense and what's right when they allow all the wrong types of pressures to affect their decision making. Everyone wants to 'appear' to be strong by their actions with their enemies...aggression. True strength, though, comes from deep within and careful consideration of all objectives, possible collateral damage, financial costs, casualties, etc. when you're an intelligent President. If war is unavoidable, then so be it. Otherwise, do everything to AVOID WAR. Here the President is working through diplomacy and Republicans are telling the Iranians that there will be no diplomacy on anything reached deal-wise.

Furthermore, regarding ISIS, the President decided from the onset that BOTG (boots on the ground) wasn't an option FOR OUR SOLDIERS and that the middle east needed to do the foot work in assuming some responsibility. Then, we'd support them as we're ding now. Oh, but the Republicans were all talking about how there's no way we can do this without OUR boots on the ground. Fast forward to Cruz Missile's and the Republicans' latest comments on this:


Then, especially this next one with a telling excerpt.


Excerpt: But Cruz stopped short of calling for U.S. ground troops, saying there are other options that must be tried first.

Um, this is what the President said from the get go...that we should exhaust ALL OPTIONS before considering sending our troops back into a ground war. See, America, YOU HAVE GOT TO DO YOUR STRICT DILIGENCE WHEN TRYING TO MAKE SENSE OF THINGS IN POLITICS. Only FOOLS make quick irrational decisions but, it requires a good man with great a great common sense approach to make educated and CONCISE decisions when it comes such things. Think of it like this, if you will: You're in partnership with someone but, every time something comes up that needs to be done, YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE GOING INTO YOUR POCKET AND DOING ANY FOOT WORK. YOUR PARTNER, WHILE JUST AS WELL-EQUIPPED, JUST SITS AROUND AND WATCHES YOU DO EVERYTHING EVERY TIME.

Now, you can say what you want and lie to yourself but, in reality, THAT WOULD GET VERY OLD VERY QUICKLY. Apply that scenario to this country's current state and you should get the picture. If not, you're just a dumbazz in pure unadulterated DENIAL. More truth and common sense on the way.

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