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Monday, March 30, 2015


Michelle Obama declares 'Black Girls Rock!'

Just like the rest of the Black population, she is obviously ignoring the 73% Black unwed birth rate.
Now if anyone else had said: "Jewish girls rock", "Asian girls rock" or "Fit girls rock" they would have been called racist and a bigot with Michelle Obama leading the protest.
CARBOB, you're first. Dude, you and Lott(Dis)Advantage posses the same traits when it comes to subjects like this in that you only have one motive...TO EXPLOIT, AS OPPOSE TO HELPING AND OFFERING MEANINGFUL/CONSTRUCTIVE SOLUTIONS TO THE PROBLEM. Every single time something about the black community is posted up here, you're usually the FIRST ONE to jump. I'll refrain from using the time you actually responded to this entry as you could be headed to work or elsewhere for that matter. But, it still remains that you're very consistent with your biased perspectives and criticism of blacks.

Here, Michelle is being positive and trying to extend some credibility TO THOSE BLACK FEMALES THAT ARE DOING SOMETHING WITH THEMSELVES, AND, THAT AREN'T BOUND BY BEING UNWED/PREGNANT. (Yes, jarasan, with your inability to reason and dumbazz, I ENJOY MY CAPS LOCK WHEN STRESSING A VERY VALID POINT SUPPORTED BY FACTS.) CARBOB, instead of jumping all over the lady for being positive with her blacks in question, why not show a bit of support for her and those girls????? You, cannot do that, though LIKE ALL THE REST HERE, because you are most definitely an EXPLOITATIVE RACIST. And, yes, EXPLOITATIVE is a word and is being used in its' proper context.

Just for your old dumb, racist azz I'm actually going post up a link from a site that is ALWAYS ACKNOWLEDGING AND TRYING TO ADDRESS OUR ISSUES and says exactly what you're saying with the numbers and all included. Buddy, you're not raising any hell anywhere except in your own degenerative and sick mind. If you're not a part of the solution then you're part of the problem....and you never offer any solutions. We already know what the problems are you dumb and sorry excuse for a man. Nobody's afraid to honestly discuss it except you people that only want to exploit it and I'm gonna prove it right here in the link with the excerpt.


Supporting Excerpt:

Many accused Moynihan, who was white, of "blaming the victim:" of saying that black behavior, not racism, was the main cause of black problems. That dynamic persists. Most talk about the 72 percent has come from conservative circles; when influential blacks like Bill Cosby have spoken out about it, they have been all but shouted down by liberals saying that a lack of equal education and opportunity are the true root of the problem.

What's being discussed in this write-up is very real and is based on facts but, they're discussing from a different motive than you are. You simply want to point the finger at blacks' shortcomings, buddy, while we're discussing WHY WE'RE FALLING SHORT AND HOW TO FIX IT. What a racist, dumbazz you truly are.

Drenick1, the other damsel always in complete distress, you're in the same boat as the rest of your politically uneducated impudicus friends. Yes, impudicus, now go look it's very fitting. So, it's not cool for Michelle to give the sistas some credit for being good? Should she have said, "Jewish girls rock", "Asian girls rock" or "Fit girls rock" to make right with everybody? Well, according to your buddy right above you, IT'S NOT THE REST OF THE GIRLS THAT HAVE MAJOR ISSUES WITHIN THEIR COMMUNITY, IT'S THE BLACK GIRLS. So, why NOT extend them some credit??? Yep, you cannot do it either 'cause your a bonafide racist looking to criticize any little progress that we make or credit that we receive be it from other blacks or ethnicities. You people simply want us to always be frowned upon no matter if there is a fair percentage of us doing well and not falling into that category.

It's the reason why I always say that 'not all Republicans' fall into such as what's in the news these days because it's the truth...not all of 'em do. But, YOU IDIOTS are the leaders of the pack of the category that does. I have a really good link and excerpts for you as well this one's almost a year and a half old on the very same thing that you're wasting energy on and that everyone else in the world already knows. Caucasian women HAVE ALWAYS BEEN ON A PEDESTAL, THE FOREFRONT when it comes to most pageants, make-up commercials, and you name it. Now that we've got a black female First Lady that obviously stands for helping and promoting black girls, you can do nothing but find error with her. Let's go to work.


Excerpts from first two paragraphs:

When I heard about the “#whitegirlsrock” hashtag that trended on Twitter, my immediate reaction was, “Well, duh! Of course white girls rock. Are they unaware?” White women's beauty, talent, diversity and worldly contributions are affirmed everywhere: on billboards, on television, in magazines and in textbooks.

However, the breadth and depth of the beauty, intellect, work and legacy of black women is often marginalized.

It's very easy to broad brush, you silly lady, than to be a real woman and acknowledge the positives within a problematic percentage of an ethnicity. You're a very negative person as is CARBOB and the rest of 'em. You bring nothing to the table except a desire to eat away at those who could do much better with the right tools and representation. It wouldn't be easy but, it's doable. You people would rather die than to extend any blacks some credibility...UNLESS THEY'RE REPUBLICAN. Then, they can do what ever they want. You know, the struggle is very real among our society but, something is also very real...blacks often respond very well to positivity and resources. You racists all look at Chicago with its' inherent crime issues and have the nerve to blame the President for not fixing it. Guess what? He can barely get your stubborn congress to assist him with fixing the da*ned infrastructure we used every day so, how do you figure he can get them to help fix his own home state and anything wrong there???

True, it starts from within and there must be a strong movement to reduce violence...LIKE LESS GUNS you idiots. This is the thing you people fight most, outside of abortions, but it has to be done. Know why? Just look right here:

Major excerpt at bottom of page:

“We’ve got way too many guns out there, way too many young kids running around with the guns,” he said, “and unfortunately this is what happens.”

This is what's going on right now in terms of trying to get guns off the street. The officers with common sense and that are good cops UNDERSTAND FULL WELL THE PRESIDENT'S POSITION IN THIS AND SUPPORT HIM. No one's trying to take all the guns rom everyone or trump on anyone's constitutional rights, just the illegal guns. All that BS is pure fearmongering that the extremists love to promote. Sure, it's great to be protected but to have lots of immature, quick-tempered young 'ens running around locked and loaded is just ridiculous. Back in the day, boys had pellet guns to shoot cans and kill birds, rabbits, etc....a .22 at most. Now, kids are packin' heavier than lots of adults...and for what reason????

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