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Monday, March 23, 2015


Decision time for Dems: Abortion rights or helping the poor?

I see this issue as completely absurd given that Republicans turn a blind eye to their own people that experience abortions. Their doctors who cheat on their spouses and force their mistresses to abort all while proclaiming a right to life... PRO LIFE. Really? Wanna talk about the epitome of hypocracy? Let me explain something here, when a person passes by an abortion clinic, they cannot know who's Republican or Democrat and to even remotely attempt to assume that they're all Liberal women is ridiculously childish. LOTS of girls that are raised in the upper echelon families/neighborhoods with silver spoons then go out and get knocked up by some less than desirable dude who's going nowhere end up aborting...ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY'RE DESTINED TO ATTEND A HIGH PROFILE COLLEGE AND EXCELL. Dad ain't gonna let all his hard earned money just go to waste and see his daughter fall by the way side 'cause of this mishap. Abortion isn't pleasant in any sense of the word but, it's still a reality that needs to be properly addressed with COMMON SENSE.

Now, I believe that we can help the poor to be 'not be so poor' but, we'll always have poor people just like any other country does. The only difference is that other countries have people that are worse off than our poor class while others are better off. This comes by way of economic comparisons (Per Capita) around the world and if we're categorized within a specific range then it's expected to reflect on the people and their living standards. Right now, we have way too many people living below the poverty level in comparison to other countries 'in our bracket' so to speak.

We cannot continue lead the world, economy-wise, when handling our business this way. Then, there's the issue of helping those that's actually deserve help to do better versus helping those that only want an even better free ride. Gotta be careful with what we do and how we do it, you know, as we're already pushing the envelope of giving unemployment insurance without any REAL REVISONS AND REQUIREMENTS TO GET OFF OF IT IF POSSIBLE. There are jobs out there to had, America, and there are lots of people that need them. The problem is when people turn down work because it's not what they made on their last job and their bills are in question. That, compiled with a benefit check THAT'S ALSO OBVIOUSLY LOWER THAN WHAT THEY EARNED PREVIOUSLY creates this train thought: "I may as well just keep getting my unemployment since I worked for it anyway and I'm not gonna WORK for this much money when I can get it FOR FREE."

Not all people fall into that category but, so many do and it's what's hurting our economy the most right now as not enough people are 'PUTTING IN ON A STRONGER ECONOMY" because they aren't being forced to when they should be. Our problem is very simple...we've just gotta get even more coming in that we're putting out JUST LIKE ANY NORMAL BUSINESS NEEDS TO SURVIVE AND DO BETTER. Oh, yeah, "America is not a country, 'it's a business." (Brad Pitt-Killing Them Softly-2012). Man, I really like that movie!!!

In closing, here's a great link substantiating exactly what my thoughts are for the most part. The general idea here is what's needs but, the overall MORALE is what I'm really getting at and I do not support an attack on those who've earned benefits or those that honestly need them. But, we've got to find and establish a balance in order to supercharge our economy. With Hillary in and Bill working the numbers, we can do it AS WE'VE DONE IT BEFORE...PROVEN. The Australians are assuming a 'hands and feet in your chest' type of reform on welfare in this article to reduce payouts but, it's gonna hurt without revisions. Overall, I like the idea of getting people to accept work if they still make ends meet like they would receiving benefits.


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