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Monday, March 30, 2015


Can Conn Criticize Ind When It Has Its Own 'Religious Liberty' Law?

One is for sure here, Mike Pence (R)-Indiana has got both himself and his state's economy in a world of serious hurt at present. All because he's bolstering some very sheisty perspectives which are also, as we all know, hypocritical. He claims that the law is to protect business owners and customers. I've been over this several times and still cannot get enough. Let's do a little compare and contrast just to be fair with shedding light on his true intentions. Now I, like many others, have been inside of businesses that had signs posted reading, "No shoes, no shirt, no service" and this is a perfectly legit position to take as it deals directly with appearance, hygiene, and general decency. No one has ever taken issue with such signs as it's perfectly reasonable to require these things for service.

Now, if two women or two men walk in together at a given place, just how the hell is the owner able to distinguish who's gay or not providing that they're acting just like any other customers? Come on, with a brutha. Unless these customers are acting in such ways that it's obvious they're gay then these owners are completely assuming their customers' integrities and their positions are ludicrous. As I said before, you can find a man or woman that's actually gay, send them to the place of business to do some business, and so long as the customer shows no tendencies, the idiotic owner is none the wiser...EVER. As such, what the people in these types of states and towns do is they 'label' the people whom they affiliate as being gay and they pass on the information to their fellow owners that also hate gays.

This is the only way that they can know or assume who's actually gay. Otherwise, they're just going through a lot of unnecessary BS for no good reason...and they're also setting themselves up for EPIC FAILURE as seen in headlines. Man, I'm talking Angie's List, Roche Diagnostics, AFCSME, Apple, the NCAA, and more are not having anything to do with this movement. Why? They don't want to affiliated with any state that promotes discrimination because it's not right and it'll hurt their business name as well. Why? Because gays shop Angie's List, they go to NCAA tournaments, they purchase Apple products, they spend big money on weddings and catering, and the list goes on. What two people do in the privacy of their own homes, and, DECENTLY when in public is NO ONE'S BUSINESS. Mike Pence said in his OP-ED that if he saw a restaurant owner discriminate against a gay couple, he's just walk out. Really? But, you're telling your state they can do exactly what you said you'd turn and walk out on?

America, as always, these types of Republicans are always having to 'return to their own vomit' and this guy is no different that those idiots who signed off on that dumbazz letter to Iran...then had to lap it up with, "It was a bad idea." It's just a vicious cycle with these people and no one wants to even attempt to break it and this is the demise of their party for some time to come. Bet on it.
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