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Thursday, February 19, 2015


Rudy Giuliani: President Obama doesn't love America

Repubs should be tired of singing the SAME OLD TUNE. It's time to learn a new one because this one has lost it's popularity with MOST Americans.
I think you need to look at the results from the past elections , to get the message. The elections proved without a doubt, the real Americans are fed up with him. If he keeps on sucking up to Muslims, it just may get very negative towards him. Regardless of his statement, "We are not at war with Islam". In facts, we are.
It's amazing that the only people that is whining is repubs. The democrats nor are the Independents can't seem to understand why repubs are having such a hissy fit over every minor thing that happens. After all, the democrats are once again fixing the mess the repubs are responsible for. Unlike you people, I don't have a problem with Moslems. I can't hate a person because their religion is different than mine. I also don't group all people the same like you people. I know a lot of Moslems that are not like any of the people you racists talk about. It makes to sense to be that scare and paranoid. Even though I know that you and your cohorts are hardcore bigots, I know that the vast majority of whites are not.
Lots of dems are voicing the same opinion. He does not care for America.
Wake up and smell the roses, Speedy. Your President is a Muslim.
You're right he is my president, just like GW was my president regardless of whether I voted for him or not. I have been in this word long enough to know that one person does not determine your destiny. Whining and having hissy fits only upsets the people that's having it. Ranting and pouting like a child only shows others how scared and insecure you are. Also if you knew your Bible, you would not keep making the statement, "Your president is a Muslim". How immature for a grown AZZ man to keep trying to convince himself and others like him to believe a lie. SAD. And Emily you are too close to meeting your maker to tell such hyperboles on Americans. You sure be ashamed of your old self. SAD.


Word (world)
About time Giuliani figured this one out. Common sense had this figured out after six weeks after the first election.

Contrary to one other person, I don't hate Muslims for their religion. I hate them for the thousands of innocent people they have murdered because of their Chriatain religion. Beheading Christians for the sole crime of being Christians tells me all I need to know about Islam.

Lock and Load!
No one has to be a scholar to figure out Giuliani's motives. He is jockeying for position for 2016. It does not matter what he says only the gullible repubs will fall for it. SAD.
Number 1, Looser , don't speak for all republicans , that is degrading to republicans for a porch sitting all day low life like you speaks for them. Number 2, speedo , for someone who claims to have taught English, which is probably a lie , there is more words in the vocabulary than " SAD ". Shows proof that you are mentally challenged. You two girls just don't get the fact that the majority of people, dems, repubs, Independent, and the rest are sick of having Obama has the POTUS.
reddog, for your information I was a mathematics and science teacher. Also you should be the last person to talk about grammar. You are most ignorant old geezer on the thread. And yes you are SAD. Nothing that you talk about makes sense. You are old, useless, and have nothing to look forward to except the grave. Go change your diaper pervert.
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