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Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Ron Paul: Congressional Black Caucus Opposed War Because They Want Food Stamps

After reading the article and some of the comments, it is very clear that most of the people agree with the CBC as opposed to Ron Paul. Like father, like son, is the way most people see it.
Yeah, the Republicans are absolutely morons and the greater percentage of the comments reflect just that. They'd rather see the money spent here on other things as opposed to war and IT'S CRYSTAL CLEAR THAT SANCTIONS WORK IF WE LOOK AT THE RESULTS IN RUSSIA. Just look at this excerpt and how it reflects what all Republicans want:

During a radio interview with Lew Rockwell that was first highlighted by BuzzFeed, Paul said that he was always annoyed with those who opposed war but supported sanctions.

This man opposes diplomacy and would rather just start a war to get his way. Rand seems to be trying to counter his dad's approach and has been fairly consistent thus far. Let's get on this food stamp (SNAP) program business so I can shut #1 up as I know they were actually targeting the CBC. First of all, the IRAQ WAR took a serious toll on the economy BEFORE Obama took office. The recession began in 2007 and untold numbers of people were out of work and no jobs were available. In fact, we were LOSING hundreds of thousands of them per month.

As a result, folks needed from the GUVMENT so they could EAT AND SURVIVE, you know, feed their families after Bush's 'gung ho Iraq let's go!!!' Food stamps doubled under both Bush and Obama for these reasons. Link and excerpts, America, for truth:

1) Food stamp spending doubled under President Barack Obama — after doubling under his Republican predecessor, says Rep. Tom Cole, R-Okla.

2) The 2007-09 recession drove the number of folks on food stamps to a record high under Obama. In an average month in 2011, one in seven U.S. residents got help. A Washington Post reporter this year documented one Rhode Island town’s reliance on its monthly SNAP infusion.

3) We asked Cole for his evidence that spending doubled under Bush before doubling under Obama. The congressman provided numbers from the agency that administers the program, the U.S. Agriculture Department.

4) He compared total costs of the program from the start of Bush’s term in 2000 to the end of his second term in 2008, then growth from 2008 to the most recent fiscal year available, 2012. Costs had more than doubled under Bush, from $17 billion to $38 billion, then doubled again under Obama, to $78 billion.

5) Cole didn’t adjust for inflation, but he should have: A more accurate inflation-adjusted measure even more closely matches his claim. Total spending on SNAP in 2012 dollars doubled under Bush, from $20 billion to $40 billion, and very nearly doubled under Obama, $40 billion to $78 billion.


6) The story since 2007 is still fresh: joblessness driven by the recession made more people eligible for help, and also drove more folks who were already eligible for help to ask for it, perhaps because their other support networks were tapped out. The stimulus bill also included a boost in benefits, which temporarily increased costs. That expires in November.

Finally, here's where all Republicans like Ron Paul simply lie and try to make it seem that all Democrats want is money for food stamps and to STIFLE America by creating an atmosphere that they NEED NOT WORK 'cause the GUVMENT wants to take care of 'em. Excerpt:

But it was the presidency of Bill Clinton and the 1996 welfare reform that set the stage for rising benefits under Bush. Under Clinton, spending had fallen nearly 40 percent, partly because of new limits in the law. By the late 1990s, lawmakers were already starting to roll back some restrictions, according to the Congressional Budget Office."The increases were largely a rebound from the deep cuts the program sustained in the 1996 welfare law and strengthening the program’s ability to support working families," said Dottie Rosenbaum, who worked in the Congressional Budget Office at the time. She’s now a senior policy analyst with the liberal Center for Budget and Policy Priorities.

Clinton and the Democrats got folks OFF OF FOOD STAMPS and creating a thriving economy for working families that caused the need for food stamps to become next to non existent. As such, if you'll read on, Bush set out to EXPAND FOOD STAMPS IN 2002, America. I wonder why? Did he actually know that he planned a war with Iraq and that millions of people would lose their jobs and have no way to eat? The facts and numbers simply do not lie.

The people like those in post #1 avoid TRUTH at all costs, America. They hate anyone not like them and that doesn't talk like they do about the matter how hard he tries to prove he doesn't hate them. They'd rather believe a lie and circulate rumors rather than TRUTH. These types of people are BOWEL DESCENDANTS of Rush Limbaugh, Ron Paul, Sean Hannity, Mitch McConnell, Michael Savage, RUDY GIULIANI, and the list goes way on. You're much better than these people, America.
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