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Tuesday, February 3, 2015


List of Obama tax increases in proposed 2016 budget

Yeah, and let's just look at one of the much, much needed proposals and what'll it'll do for both the ECONOMY and EMPLOYERS. Link and excerpts ladies and gents:

Last two paragraphs:

The president’s budget proposes two changes. The first would make the existing 0.2 percent surtax permanent. The second would provide short-term relief to employers by suspending interest payments on state UI debt and suspending the FUTA credit reduction for employers in borrowing states in 2011 and 2012. The proposal would also raise the annual FUTA wage base to $15,000 per worker in 2014, index the wage base to subsequent wage growth, and reduce the net federal UI tax from 0.8 percent (after the proposed permanent extension of the FUTA surtax) to 0.38 percent. States with wage bases below $15,000 would have to conform to the new FUTA base. States would retain the ability to set their own tax rates, as under current law.

Given the current depletion of funds and the lack of job growth in the recovery, these proposals make sense. Postponing an increase in unemployment taxes can encourage new hiring, while increasing the base will help states accumulate larger balances before the next recession. In addition, indexing the wage base for the tax will prevent future erosion of unemployment funds by inflation. Making the 0.2 percent surtax permanent would raise $15 billion between 2012 and 2021, while the combination of providing short-term tax relief to employers and expanding the federal base would raise $46 billion over the same period.

In reference to this bullet in the article:

•Make unemployment insurance surtax permanent: $15.7 billion

Democrats to the front when it comes to solidly repairing the economy and helping employers with hiring and taxation issues. Granted, it's not always the solution but, they accomplish the overall objective with just a little sting. Hey, nothing in life comes without some sting, drawbacks, efforts, etc. It's give and take in order to make it all better and this guy knows all about that. Republicans want to send messages of 'all sweet with no bitter if you vote us in" while Democrats send the message of 'a little bitter at first but sweet in the end.'

No different than starting a business. At first, it's gonna be rough but with persistence, focus on the numbers, and dedication to the cause, it'll work out in the end. We're gonna look at more 'proper proposals' shortly, America.

Democrats repair the economy thru taxation after they run up deficits and the national debt.
They are going to attach free internet service to those who qualify for Obama phones after they take control of the net.
We have a kludged up and clunked up 20th century tax code for a 21st century economy.

We do not need to change the code. We need to repeal and replace it!

I also have to wonder if John Gruber is coming up with some of the stupid ideas in the proposals.
He is probably laughing his @ss off and figuring people are too stupid to see what is really going on with this stuff.

Did anyone else notice the proposal to tax inflation? It is in there. Disguised as it is, there actually is a proposal in there to tax inflation. Read it really carefully and you will see what else they are trying to pull. They still believe we are stupid!!
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