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Saturday, January 24, 2015


Get used to Obama's swagger

Defeat is not in his character.
You know, I've been saying for a while now that things were gaining momentum almost daily. Tesla stocks went through the roof and it's one of the most desirable cars on the also beautiful. It was the President that awarded the ATVM loan to Tesla after President bush signed the loan into law. Republicans didn't crack on Bush for signing a "green funding" proposal but, they cracked on Obama for supporting Tesla with it. Go figure. As far as his being y, he should as the Republicans have been y with him for his whole two terms...particularly Mitch McConnell.

Rush wanted to see Obama fail if he wasn't going to be just like Reagan, or, if Obama eliminated the Bush tax cuts. Well, he had to eliminate the Bush cuts to get things going in the right direction. Sure, it stung for a short while but, look where the economy is at now. Then, Obama is working on lowering the taxes for the middle class as opposed to what Bush did. Bush provided cuts for those earning OVER 1 MILLION and Obama went along with it for a couple of years in his first term and EXTENDED THEM. Later, Obama HAD TO ELIMINATE THEM and this is when Rush nearly had a hemorrhage and caused all his followers to experience the same thing. Rush NEVER EXPLAINED THAT OBAMA WORKED WITH THE REPUBLICANS AND EXTENDED THOSE CUTS FOR TWO YEARS. They were supposed to expire in 2010, y'all.

Obama knew what he was doing and still does when regarding our economy. To hear such silly people say, 'We're headed in the wrong direction." makes me wonder what their own finances and credit make look like. Wrong direction but, we've recovered and experience record high everywhere. I'll bet these same people really sucked in math the whole time in school....because the economy is all about math. I'll take this even further and compare it to being successful with the small lottery games (Pick3/4). These games can be won consistently if you understand the full realm of math involved in it along with timing. The also requires correct timing.

The smarter American People have come to realize that Democrats know something about good math and good timing. No one can make ALL the best calls but, this is about making more good calls than bad one's and this President has done just that his entire two terms.
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