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Saturday, January 10, 2015


George Zimmerman Arrested Again

I knew it was just a matter of time before the real GZ showed himself. He's a punk and a coward. He seems to always point guns at his girlfriends. What's up with that? He's going to get a chance to act tough with real men if his violent behavior continues.
Buddy, all the people with REAL COMMON SENSE that did their diligence without RACIAL BIAS knew that this guy was NO GOOD from the very start. Now, look at what we have YET AGAIN...MORE ASSAULT ON ANOTHER WOMAN. Anyone that still feels that Trayvon was the aggressor of that incident is just plain STUPID. All the cowards around were parading Zimmerman around talking about, "Those are the facts" when it came to the ALLEGED REASONING behind him capping Trayvon. Know what? Trayvon prolly was on top on him and dropping those black bumble bees on his head...and for good reason. He was provoked into it just as I said then and still do.

This guy is still beating up on defenseless women and none of the cowards here have the decency...the morals...the chestnuts...the manhood...the braveness to admit they were wrong all along. America, these are types of cowards that Speeedy and myself have to deal with around here. We show them where they're wrong and have absolutely no base for their arguments, and, when it comes to pass just like this, they do what they do best and HIBERNATE...avoiding the issue altogether. Then, they go and dig up some BS article in an immature attempt to divert attention away from themselves in order to save face. Zimmerman laughed and joke with the officer about the assault...unbelievable. The officer didn't find it funny, either.

The jury of women that let this guy off...I'm sure they're in need of a support group right about now. It could've been one of them that he assaulted and laughed about doing it. What goes around must come right back around, America. The revelation of all the mistakes made will continue to come into FULL FRUITION in 2015...'cause 2015 is the game changer as I predicted in 2014. If you don't understand what's really going on, you're in a pretty bad way.
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