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Monday, January 12, 2015


Documented: Black Students Target Teachers for Violence

Oh NO, say it isn't so. Just couldn't be, not the law abiding class of people...!
I read the whole article and it made me sick to my stomach.   Where's Sharpton on this issue?
The American Stinker is known for its slanted wacko repub gibberish. Sad.
All of this is a result of Black unwed births, generation after generation. Kids growing up with no fathers in their lives. It will never change until the laws are changed.
Some people will never learn to face the truth, either you or a problem solver or a creator. In every state, in every city where there are abundance of kids growing up without father, there is Black violence. The stats prove it. Is this a "slanted wacko opinion".
Thank you Carbob.....I agree 100%...!!!
Hell it's truth, not repub gibberish. Most people with an open mind would agree, but then again there are a lot with closed minds aloft..!
No one but other bigot trolls believe what you whiners say.
First, and foremost Speedy, notice how they ALL jumped in on the black on white violence. Other articles containing cops killing blacks, white pedophiles, serial killers, and all such are left untouched by each of them. Yes, they're victims of the same stuff they done to us...without warrant. See, this is much bigger than all their tiny brains can's a fulfilling of karma.

They feel they're privileged to harm us and, thus, avoid all their past history of abuse. This, while scurrying to articles like this in a sick effort to justify their non-conscious having minds. I actually like it, though, as it consistently and effortlessly proves my points. They lead the world in rape/assualt, pedophiles, and serial killing. The last article here with the white guy raping his nephew's was a ghost town in the comments frpm them.

It makes wonder if all these idiots and idiot-ettes are actually inbred. Seriously.
Loser, neither you or Speedy were slaves. So, you can knock off the abuse that happen over a 100 years ago. Quit living in the past.
No one lives in the past more than you repub trolls Carbob. Every chance you people get you are digging up Ronnie and talking about the good old days when everybody knew their place. As I've said on many occasions, those days are GONE WITH THE PLUCKING WIND.
See what I'm talking about, Speedy? We're not not supposed to care about what happened to our ancestors and what they had to endure for us to get where we are now. We're suppose to just bow down, take it, and say nothing about all that unwarranted it wasn't us personally taking the brunt of it.

Oh, but they can talk about how blacks and Democrats are abusing   and attacking THEIR rights and freedoms that THEIR FOREFATHERS fought, endured, and stood for. Hell, blacks had to fight for THEIR OWN CIVIL RIGHTS...and even then it was pure hell. Once again, CARBOB breaks his own record by being the absolute stupidest, clueless, unintelligent, and pathetic, and racially-biased individual in these blogs and elsewhere. Just wow.

The article forgot to mention how white students target White and Black students as well as teachers.
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